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04 April 2002, 09:25 AM
HI I'm just starting to get into 3d programing and reading a book. Maya Fundamentals, anyways i'm really enjoying it but i have noticed a few drawbacks from my hardware. i have a fairly expensive system(well to me anyways) and i am seeking some advice to make it faster.

i have a 1.7 ghz
intel 850 chipset 4 atx motherboard
2X256mb pc800 non-ecc rimm
Asus v7700 ge forece 2 gts pro agp video w/64mb
40 gb7200rpm drive
Samsung 19' flat monitor

I'm working with Maya 4.0 and noticed it's slow sometimes. I need some help
im running win XP
I have not done disc de fragment yet it's been 8 months. (how often should I?)
Don't think ive done scan disk either.
I'd like to upgrade so i can do better 3d judging by my specs what is a good video card to buy?
Do you think i should upgrade video card or Ram?

Plus does anyone know if there is a thing like video card drivers to make my system run faster??

I'm sorry if i sound like a moron but im fairly uneducated in Hardware. :(
All Help would be Appreciated very very much so :)

ohh also i usually run my res on 1280*1024
as the days go on it seems my system gets slower please help!!
Plus sometimes i press shutdown go back to my computer 10 minutes later and the damn thing is on. so i go start shutdown like 4 times in a row then it finally works. Please Help would Appreciate any InpuT!!

04 April 2002, 09:57 AM
wow i've been researching a little. I got some video card updates and i am just astonished in the performance differece of my 3d. And i've been reading some old posts on here and now i'm using oracle instead of IE i like it much better. :applause:
What a great little community cgchannel has here. I'd also just like to say hi, cause i'm new here

04 April 2002, 12:04 PM
hey, don't know what ta tell you 'bout the computer.. i'm pretty much where you are

oracle - what is it? where do i get it? are u using it as a browser? all i know is that i don't like IE much, and would love an alternative.. thanks!

04 April 2002, 06:27 PM
512Mb should be enough RAM for a newbie, it's your video card that's slowing things down. As for drivers, look for SoftQuadro.

As for all the other things, Windows does that.

Defrag when data is more than 3% non-contiguous
Scandisk once a month
If you haven't got Norton Systemworks get it now.

regards, Paul

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