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02 February 2008, 09:09 PM
soon to be updated!!

02 February 2008, 05:53 PM
I'm not sure about all this, but it's my first sketch and some thoughts about who this character is.

Race: half angel, half demon

Class: Clericon (using her angel powers for healing and protection)

Artifact/weapon: not sure yet, but some mighty weapon from hell....

next up is sketching up some ideeas for armor and weapons..

02 February 2008, 06:27 PM
Nice sketch,...

Ok, I'll try to put this somewhat right... My first thought of the character was that it looks a little accward, I kinda feel sorry for it... Hmm... Don't know. It looks too normal or vulnerable, not so much power in the character it self. Ofcourse I don't know what you are going for either. But all this might chance when you insert the weapons and maybe change the pose a little.

I like the horns, you might do some additional sketches on heads and maybe bodies to then let people give feedback. :)

I might seem arrogant, but hopefully you just take this constructively.

Sorry for not giving any specific advice.

Other than that, really nice start, good concept idea. Keep it up.

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02 February 2008, 06:27 PM
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