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02 February 2008, 08:48 PM
Just claiming a wip spot so I actually work on this :)

Messing with ideas relating to a Puppeteer/Pied Piper with Clericon or Invoker/summoning aspects (Where the artifact is the device that controls his/her minions.)

Should have sketches up soon.

02 February 2008, 02:33 AM
So current idea atm (subject to change heh)

With the machines out of the picture many of the opposing forces have attempted to start a new life however with this new life comes great losses. One family of Clericon gave birth to a little girl. This girl grew up with the teachings from her parents and hoped to one day become a great Clericon. Her days were filled with adventure involving dress up in her parents clothes and battling invisible monsters with her stuffed toys. This lasted for quite a few years and all was well.

Shortly after the Wormholes started to appear tragedy stuck, a gigantic metal abomination appeared apon the Clericon family's camp. Both parents were killed instantly while trying to save a downed comrade. The little girl returning home from her daily adventures finds only the camp in shambles.

Looking endlessly for her parents she stumbles across an impact crator, deep inside the crater is a mangled stuffed bunny. Competely drained from grief the little girl instinctively decides that she must help the bunny. With her old clericon bag that was given to her by her father the little girl applys bandages to the bunny and attempts to recite chants overheard from her parents.

After a few minutes the girl notices the bunny starts to get warm and begins emiting a strange glow. This glow gets brighter and brighter until a portal opens up and a large animated flesh monster appears. The girl noticing the monster looking quite injured (she not scared at all) tends to its wounds; the monster in return hoists her and bunny on his back.

The little girl now with new friends ventures off to help those in need.

Quick concepts for the monster "Gurney." Thinking of having it's joints be ball and socket based like a puppet. The little girl can summon monsters through the use of the stuffed bunny to help her heal, strengthen her comrades in need. The little girl will be dressed in oversized handme down clericon clothes.

Going to mess with this concept for this week to see what else I can flush out, kinda worried atm that it's not vile enough to survive in the DWII post apocalyptic world.

02 February 2008, 03:09 AM
Working on flushing out some more of the puppet details. I had a bit of clay hanging at my desk so instead of drawing some more concepts I did a quick messy sculpt.

worked on establishing more of the joints, and then messed with what surface Gurney would have.

Going to mess with it some more this week and see what else gets flushed out

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02 February 2008, 03:09 AM
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