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02 February 2008, 12:14 AM
CHUDD Demon Lord
Class: Invoker
Artifact Type: Darkness/void


No demon lord has had his status and power affected by the events of the Dominance War as much as CHUDD. He embraced the technology of the mortal world, seeing it as an opportunity to enhance the strength of his own demonic army. He twisted and bastardized it to create legions of cybernetic demons. Even the lowliest of his forces was fitted with destructive weaponry. He transformed his lands to endless factories and the burning air was turned black with the smoke of industry.

With his forces in place, he would first stage an assault on a lesser plane of heaven, lay ruin to it and return to Hell a victor and hero. Other demon lords and devils would flock to his banner and swell his ranks. Then he would turn his might on one of the Dukes of Hell, and take his deserved place among the most powerful fiends in the netherworld.

But his assault on heaven was a disaster. As he marched his armies through the portal to heaven, the ultimate weapon was unleashed. His army, half machine, was downed immediately, and was slaughtered before the battle had even begun. Lord CHUDD, found himself retreating back to the portal to his citadel. The Arch-Angel Ramiel blocked his way. They clashed violently and CHUDD pulled Ramiel through the gate.

Back in Hell, word of his defeat spread quickly. The other demons smelled weakness, and pounced. In the ensuing decades, with his army writhing uselessly on the ground, CHUDD lost nearly all his lands. Only by his own might did he manage to keep his citadel city safe and survive this crippling blow.

He took solace in his angel prisoner. For a thousand years CHUDD tortured, and raped him until the day that the Arch Devil summoned CHUDD and tasked him with destroying the new menace. Knowing he may be away from the Hells for a while, and knowing although he would not be harmed by the cool and sickeningly sweet air of the mortal realm, he would still prefer to breathe the hellfire of his plane. He flayed Ramiel open and fashioned a hell fire mask from his organs, having bored with the Angel.

Finally he went to the lowest pit of his citadel, to collect his most powerful artifact. The planet core. At its end is a super compressed ball of iron and nickel. Once the center of a massive planet destroyed by the ancients. It is so dense it collapsed on itself creating an immense void that pulls and compresses all matter and light into it. CHUDD crafted it into his sceptre, using his own demonic power as a bulwark against the devestation of the core. Should he fall it's power will be unleashed and take everything with him.

The time for redemption has come. CHUDD will enter this new world, destroy anything in his path, and gain the power to restore his armies and gain rule of all the Nine Hells.

02 February 2008, 07:28 AM
Can't wait to see what you do! :love:

02 February 2008, 08:45 PM
oh Anole, making sure to subscribe :) good luck this year!

02 February 2008, 12:49 AM
Some thumbnails I drew at the airport, coming back from GDC. In an obnoxiously large format. I haven't quite found what I'm looking for. I'll probably do a few more pages of thumbs..

War Destroyer
02 February 2008, 12:51 AM
Nice sketches avels!!!

02 February 2008, 12:56 AM
ok, you need to number these things man, from left to right, i think it's around #50, the big guy with the little head and the pincers for hands, that guy kicks ass:thumbsup:

02 February 2008, 02:15 AM
These kick ass! such nice shapes, and so many thumbs, I think I did about 8, you've made me realize I should do more.

Very cool sketches, free and very communicative, what will you do next?

02 February 2008, 02:33 AM
I think I like your first one best. With the butterfly wings.

But the overall shape could get lost in the wings.

You have many great choices drawn though.

02 February 2008, 02:35 AM
Nice thumbnails you have here. I especially like the one at the bottom right. The one with the 3 little heads and the big sword hold in the middle.
Looking forward to see more.

02 February 2008, 03:10 AM
Nice sketches.:thumbsup:I remember your work from last year . Can't wait to see what you do this time. Good luck

02 February 2008, 07:15 AM
Nice thumbnails you have here. I especially like the one at the bottom right. The one with the 3 little heads and the big sword hold in the middle.That one caught my eye too.

Now stop*. You're making me look bad. :D

*Please don't.

02 February 2008, 11:00 AM
numbering would be good yes :)
about elements in your guys I really like the (saucer or sphere?) round bulby heads/helmets.. like the spacesuitish guy in bottom center. then up right two blocks the octopus guy is very strong and up left left again such a head seems original. (reminds me of that Ghingnham unit gundam in Turn A Gundam :)). also from the spacesuitish guy to the right, the long necked dude with an almond head has a great figure. top right guy is good. top midle with tripod head and top second left very strong. hard to say anything more than "I like this one" :P hope you've decided on some general characteristics :)
looking at your dudes the thought strikes me that even though this is a magic fantasy world, they use magic this time around in an industrial sort of way according to dw3 story.. so probably advanced armours suits and non-midieval stuff is going to be avoided by most simply because they think "ok.. fantasy.... == midieval clothes/armour).
I think your should do the wears looking future (but from a science based on magic and not nature) and you'd be set aside everyone who didn't consider distant future fantasy != midieval fantasy :)
keep it up! (btw what monitor(dual?) res do you have? :P feels like I'm "exploring" your character "map" hehe)

02 February 2008, 12:40 PM
Fantastic pile of thumbnails. I had a hard time picking out one I specifically liked more than the rest. Just gonna keep an eye on this and look forward to see where you go with this. :)

02 February 2008, 06:25 PM
AWESOME! Some Killer designs in there. MOre!

02 February 2008, 01:55 AM
Git em buddy :) Fantastic sketches. Are you doing concepts over there now?

I really look forward to this battle


02 February 2008, 11:05 AM
that's a shitload of awesome thumbs right there ...

looking forward to where you're gonna head this.

02 February 2008, 03:35 PM
wow very awesome thumbs!

02 February 2008, 04:40 PM
wow, phenomenal sketches, great concepts!
looking forward to your stuff!


02 February 2008, 04:47 PM
I love the top third one from the left. And all of them are pretty fricking amazing

02 February 2008, 01:43 AM
Buckminster...That smiley is freaking me out..
Thanks Erik. :) I am kinda still wrapping my head around the post apocalyptic interplanterary magical fantasy world described. I am running dual a cintiq and a 21 inch monitor.
Hey Abdul, good to see you in this.
Scudz...Yeah your right...I am lazy. sorry.
Thanks Nathan
Innactpro- I liked the wings but after I made the sketch, It would only work with a more elegant body design. I'm storing that one in the ol medulla for a model later on down the line.
Thank you Charles
Stutts. Thanks
Swizzle- :)
Thanks Blunt
DTRAN. Thanks for the comment. Your entry is bad ass already.
Steve- Whats up buddy? Nah I'm only a character modeller. I haven't done concepts in a while. The new no team rules kinda stung. Love where your going with your piece. I'll comment in your thread in a minute..
Equinoxx Thanks
Mr Kite- thank you. Big Fan BTW.
Hideyoshi- Thank you very much.
Temporal- Thanks

So I'm not sure this is what I'm going to be modelling yet.. But time is ticking.. I grabbed a couple of shapes from my thumbnails, and mocked this up. I do want to push the post apocalyptic thing more... So maybe this is the wrong concept to do that. I'll go back to the drawing board tonight and see what I come up with... Any Comments desperately needed at this point.

War Destroyer
02 February 2008, 02:23 AM
Sigh......Looks Awesome dude!!!

02 February 2008, 03:08 AM
That guy is awesome! I enjoyed looking through all your thumbnail sketches too, some cool looking characters in there.

02 February 2008, 08:58 AM
damn man, that's insane. that will make a sweet model, can't wait to see it.

02 February 2008, 10:29 AM
looks awesome but looks very traditional fantasy.. and not very cool in terms of idea :)
I saw lots of exciting new ideas in your thumb map.. try doing something really profound and strange in a way while still feasible and sort of relatable and most importantly cool? :) usually animal figures lack personality imo so they have a disadvantage in that from the start..
maybe work more abstractly and sketch a figure with a feel before figure and then pull stuff from your thumb map? good luck!

02 February 2008, 10:40 AM
looks awesome but looks very traditional fantasy.. and not very cool in terms of idea :)
I saw lots of exciting new ideas in your thumb map.. try doing something really profound and strange in a way while still feasible and sort of relatable and most importantly cool? :) usually animal figures lack personality imo so they have a disadvantage in that from the start..
maybe work more abstractly and sketch a figure with a feel before figure and then pull stuff from your thumb map? good luck!

i agree. really nice sketch. But some of your thumbnail has so much more interesting ideas. It make me think of an hyppogriff which is not the most original idea :)

02 February 2008, 11:57 AM
So many awesome choices!
I like
-the third one, third row, fat segmented guy
-the centaur
-the last guy, fourth row

02 February 2008, 02:24 PM
Agreed.. I was already thinking that.. just needed a little push to scrap this idea. I'll post up some thing new in a bit

02 February 2008, 02:52 PM
Damn dude. That's going to be one badass model can't wait to see more.:buttrock:

02 February 2008, 03:19 PM
love your big page of thumbs, and the lion dude with the wings is really nice.

i'll keep an eye ont his thread letmetellya.

02 February 2008, 03:23 PM
Damn haha, great thumbs and sketches.... I will keep checking your thread for updates. :thumbsup:

02 February 2008, 05:32 PM
Brutikong, whats going on dude? Your thumbnail ideas blew me away but this idea doesn't cut the mustard!! :shrug:

The thumbnails are amazing and a few top notch ideas should flow straight from these, and we want to see some development, how you go from thumbnail to full 3D model - otherwise what's the point in doing the thumbnails?

Get back to those amazing thumbnails, have a look at what you have there and take it to the next step. They are some of the best ideas i've seen in this competition so far.

02 February 2008, 06:04 PM
Nathan- The lion image came directly from the thumbs. The thighs are from the first row fourth image and the upper body silhouette from the second row last 2 images. I cut and pasted parts I liked and that image flowed from it. Thumbnails for me are not bibles they are libraries. I draw from all of them.

But agreed, I'm working a new concept as we speak.

02 February 2008, 07:47 PM
I really dig your sketching style man. These all look great. Finish this contest man!!!

02 February 2008, 12:07 AM
Niiiice brainstorming Alex!
I can't pick a favorite... but the Lion dude is an awesome concept, but I think for this particular contest maybe it's not the right choice. It's pretty "standard" fantasy meaning it's more of the D&D style of character than one for DW.

Basically I think we all can push the characters we do so they're not standard fantasy characters. I expect you to make sure mine's not!

02 February 2008, 12:23 AM
That is an incredible and awesome design!! He looks like he'd match with my character design lol like they would be from the same planet lol. Can't wait to see it in 3D

02 February 2008, 01:27 AM
Hey, that shouldn't be easy to choose just one of them man!haha...
Great great sketches!Wanna see more!!!
Smash their faces into the ground bb!!:D

02 February 2008, 01:43 AM
Sasha- I agree. I was just commenting to someone how much I liked your entry. I'm not going to do that character for this contest. But I'll do him. We should through them in a scene together

Thanks Jedi.

Thanks for the comment Ian. Too bad your not in on this.

Okmer. Thanks!!

So I grabbed another thumbnail and fleshed it out a little. Tried to push the Apocalyptic thing.. but I forgot about the artifact. Too many facets for my puny brain to comprehend..

Anyway this is what I came up with..

02 February 2008, 03:02 AM
Very cool sketches and ideas. I like your style and can't wait to see your final character.

02 February 2008, 05:50 AM
Whoa! Stunning. I really like your line work and forms.


02 February 2008, 10:06 AM
I love the tentacle arm. Is he supposed to be some type of warlord? What artifact does he use? Maybe make the head slightly larger and more pronounced so he looks more menacing. You should develop this one more. Keep it up!

02 February 2008, 01:52 PM
Thanks guys!!

Mantegra- I'm thinking I'm going to make his right arm the artifact. I will redesign it so it looks like he only has tentacle arms, and he is holding the glove arm in place. I just really need to get cracking on my model.

02 February 2008, 04:45 AM
Aww too bad your not going with him, but cool new concept too! Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it coming from you! It would be awesome to put them in a scene together, keep up the awesome job! Can't wait for the updates!

02 February 2008, 05:08 AM
So not much to show on this yet.. I just blocked in a bunch of simple shapes. I'm going to bring these into zbrush and develop the rest of the design there.

02 February 2008, 06:48 AM
Wow..awesome sketches and concept here... Nice work man.. Dang ppl from Raven Soft are damn damn awesome... *bow... Where's autodestruct?
My Deviantart (

02 February 2008, 07:44 AM
hey alex!

just wanted to say, good luck in the competition. really like your thumbnail sketches and the final concept.
looking forward to see next update.

btw. think i got a few picts (in my inspirations folder, at home) of your entry last year. one of my personal favorites.


02 February 2008, 08:13 AM
This stuff is great Alex! I wish I could pump out a ton of thumbs at an airport.

02 February 2008, 06:14 PM
Rezeroth--Thanks appreciate it.. Autodestruct is at Vigil now I believe. But yeah there is alot of talent here... Many of them are in this comp. I know someone here is going to take something home...

Rasmus-- Thank you, the last comp was fun. And good to me.

Thanks Mike!!!-- Looking forward to your entry.

So I left my fancy background home.. so here's a screenshot of how he stands currently.. Added some new elements that aren't in the concept.

02 February 2008, 06:26 PM
WOW! Extremely cool my man. I love the way the shape of the many legs it has, very original design. Is he going to have any armour on him, like the legs, etc? And what are those canister things on his chest supposed to be?

02 February 2008, 06:27 PM
He's terrible,
this is the son of Jabba and Juggernaut =)

really love your concepts sketchs too.
good luck

02 February 2008, 01:54 AM
I really like how this one is coming man. I am signing up to follow the ride.

02 February 2008, 04:47 AM
Sa-Weet bro! Vigil? is that a studio? anyway, i think you guys are really awesome, very strong concepts and designs i've seen from Raven Soft.. Keep up the good works man! Your DW entry is kicking ass already, very intimidating..only thing if those pipes/breathing mechanism are a lil too mechanic? LOL CHEERS MAN!

02 February 2008, 06:05 AM
I saved over the last image by mistake.. oh well.. Scroll up for the update :)

02 February 2008, 06:15 AM
pretty amazing stuff, ouch that hurts :thumbsup::bounce:

02 February 2008, 06:38 AM
Beautifull:eek: Nice details.

02 February 2008, 06:56 AM
Awesome sketches!! I love all your designs!:thumbsup:

02 February 2008, 02:25 PM
This is looking really good man.:thumbsup: Keep it up.

02 February 2008, 03:46 PM
This is really great stuff! I love your thought process. Very indeapth. The model looks great as well :)

02 February 2008, 05:17 PM
Thanks everyone.. !!

Mantegra/Rezeroth: The canisters are going to be part of his gas mask thing. a nod to the postapocalyptic part of this topic. It still needs alot of fleshing out.. in fact I think I will do that next... I'll explain everything soon..

03 March 2008, 07:10 AM
A small update. I won't tell his whole story right now, but I will touch on the mask.
After the events of DWII, the Demon Lord CHUDD, found himself retreating back to his plane of Hell, after a botched assault on a lesser heaven. His vast armies collapsing around him, he made for the portal back to his citadel. The Arch-Angel Ramiel blocked his way. They clashed violently and CHUDD pulled Ramiel through the gate back into Hell. For a thousand years CHUDD tortured, and raped him.
Until the day that the Arch Devil summoned CHUDD and tasked him with destroying the new menace. Not knowing how long he would be away from the Hells, and knowing although he would not be harmed by the cool and sickeningly sweet air of the mortal realm, he would still prefer to breathe the hellfire of his plane. He flayed Ramiel open and fashioned a "gas mask" from his organs, having finally bored himself with tormenting the Angel.

Theres is still more to add to the mask.. the Angels half skull and the canister that stores the compressed hellfire, on his back.

This isn't his artifact BTW.. just his mask.. I haven't quite figured that part out yet.

03 March 2008, 08:32 AM
Angel rape... Classic!

03 March 2008, 02:17 PM
thats pretty insane man!
Ill be watching it for sure!

03 March 2008, 02:20 PM
That is pretty sexy man, ill be watching o_O. Cheers

03 March 2008, 04:51 PM
Spectacular work. This is gonna be great :thumbsup:

03 March 2008, 12:23 AM
Amazing stuff, looking great!

03 March 2008, 01:57 AM
Lookin' real good Alex! My 2 cents:
It might be cool to see his legs have a little more "aggressive" feel so the gesture line from the abdomen/legs flows organically into the torso as opposed to fat guy plopped on top of spider legs (like Mojo from X-Men).
But, that's being knit-picky, because I still like the overall chunky silhouette.
I would adorn my desk with a toy of this. Can't wait to see more! :drool:

03 March 2008, 02:02 AM
Wow! That's looking really fantastic!! I can't wait to see more of it!

A couple comment/questions though, I'm curious if you've thought or if you've solved how you're going to connect the organs to the mask. Right now, they look like they were just placed at appropriate places. If they stayed how they are now, they look like they'd flop around as he moved.

Also, while I love the look and feel that you gave his fat torso, have you thought of giving him more armor? I notice that you added one piece to his shoulder from your previous update. Will there be more in a future update?

Still looks damn sweet man.

Looking forward to more!

03 March 2008, 05:43 AM
Thanks for the responses, It really keeps me motivated.. I appreciate it.

Buck- I took your suggestion to heart.. I totally agree looking back at it.. It didn't have enough forward momentum.. Thanks for pointing it out.. I changed it up a bit.

Gattaca- I have a whole bunch of fasteners and cords and screws in mind, to keep that thing in place.. I actually made a couple for this last update.. As far as armor.. he's going to have another shoulder plate, simpler than the one I made already.. probably put the logo there..
And thank you..

03 March 2008, 06:20 AM
LOL, that's awesomely vulgar! I love the direction it is going. It's cool that the gas mask thing is shaped like internal organs :). I'll drop by the cube soon to see how it's progressing :D!


03 March 2008, 06:36 AM
Wow. That looks great... Love the organs on the chest.

03 March 2008, 08:10 AM
the external organs are cool and all... but i lol'd the most when i saw those cool teeth! :D what an awesome grimace!

03 March 2008, 08:16 AM
Holy crap alex! This is looking super awesome. I second the teeth comment, its my favorite part, such a great contrast to the rest of him.

03 March 2008, 10:19 AM
its really coooooooool man.

below my DW111 link

03 March 2008, 11:41 AM
The amount of detail is sweetness for the eyes. One mistake that some gameartists do, is to model for pre-renders and not for normal baking. But I think you have nailed the balance between sculpted details, and details that will actually be visible in the final normal map.

03 March 2008, 12:27 PM
Goes without saying that this is truly splendid work. I'm particularly grateful for the updates on the modelling side as it gives some insight into workflow for cannon-fodder like me to appreciate. Lovely sculpting, I can see that I need to spend a lot more time working in ZBrush.

03 March 2008, 02:05 PM
I like what you did with the legs this time compared to previously.

03 March 2008, 03:45 PM
awesome work man ! good job !

03 March 2008, 06:06 AM
cool man ...waiting for final 1

03 March 2008, 10:43 AM
this is so cool, his face is really amazing, he/it/this looks awesome! :bounce:

03 March 2008, 11:09 AM
great character!!

Alex Oliver

03 March 2008, 12:43 PM
hey man,

looks insanely cool!!

might be cool if his anatomy was made to look a a little more imposing, maybe if his back hunched into the rear of the design, instead of dipping down and then curving out at the back? ...

just an idea



03 March 2008, 01:42 PM
this looks awesome! I dude

03 March 2008, 02:58 PM
I like Mikey's suggestion, this creature is looking really nice though. Great sense of personality on this one!

03 March 2008, 04:06 PM
Alex I like how this is coming along. You have a grotesque but not "gross" design. Much like the great Wayne Barlowe Illustrations we've been looking at! But at the same time, CHUDD also looks like he can do some damage in a "game" environment.

I think when you get into color and texture you should make sure the organs and other "gross" elements are handled well. If you texture them hyper realistic it could start getting very busy, and disgusting to look at. It's like when you look at the Barlowe stuff, or Giger's designs. They're both horrible and grotesque but also very graceful and elegant. That's the trick I think with this character. Though Mr. Chudd here is very big and brutish so I don't' really thin you need to go super elegant and graceful!

How's that for a conflicting critique!
Oh and I love his crazy head!


03 March 2008, 05:02 PM
Hehe thanks for the short but morale boosting reply in my thread. Much appreciated! :thumbsup:

Haven't checked in here since your first post with all the thumbnails. Quite a chock to see your sculpted beast. Looks awesome! Beautiful and disgusting at the same time. :D

Keep it up! :buttrock:

(your link in the signature leads to the "know your enemy" thread by the way, not to your own entry... just thought you'd like to know. :) )

03 March 2008, 05:28 PM
haha thats an interesting story. i like the face a lot but something about the legs feels a little off and i cant quite point it out.

03 March 2008, 01:28 AM
Thanks everyone who commented. :)

Small update.. worked on the shoulder pads some.. and did a test on the tentacle arms. It needs some refinement, but it is heading in the right direction..

03 March 2008, 01:32 AM
Love the new shoulder pads! I think doing something like that is easy to cheese up, but you managed to make it look killer.

I'm excited to see the tentacles! Some radness is sure to come out of that.

03 March 2008, 01:52 AM
i don't like the tentacles. there this massive build body and legs etc and then it has these realy skinny, pooney looking tentacles. they need match the body alot more.

03 March 2008, 02:35 AM
I disagree.... this guy's basically got barbed whips to flail you with... how bad ass is that? ;) I say go with it Alex, especially if the tentacles are just a mock up of what's to come.. I know you'll pull it off with some serious style! :)

Love the concept, btw :thumbsup:

03 March 2008, 02:45 AM
you have alot of cool elements in this guy, looking good, keep it up!

03 March 2008, 03:14 AM
Looking great, Brutikong...your work is always so inspiring man. Raven is definitely lucky to have a guy like you. As for crits, I think the forearm (or what forearm he does have) could use some type of volume to break things up a bit. Maybe show a hint of muscle tissue underneath all of that rough surface. Keep it up man...looking forward to the updates. :)

The Flork
03 March 2008, 03:17 AM
really cool concepts! and awesome final guy. my only problem is the external organs? maybe you explained them and i didnt catch it, but one shot hes dead lol it would be cool ither way if you added a clear bubble over it. like shaped like armor but clear and maybe add some water effects in there.

03 March 2008, 03:41 AM
Thanks Mike!!!

Nendo - It is a mockup, and your not seeing it from every angle, so I can see why you might think that.. but in general I don't agree. He doesn't need to have every part of his body massive.

Thanks buffaloe...bout time you showed up.. :)

Thank you DV8

Nynedown- Thanks, I actually have to write my performance review this week.. mind If I quote you? :)

Flork- I did explain it back on page 4.. long story short.. they are not his organs.. and thanks for the comments.. .

03 March 2008, 09:00 AM
Still no crits, just wonderful. Very "Gears of War" :thumbsup:

03 March 2008, 01:23 PM far so good, no questions asked.
I love his face or lack of I could say. and his tentacle goodness.
are you going to add that to both his arms?

looks really really good so far man. keep it up!

The Flork
03 March 2008, 01:30 PM
ok cool! yeah thats neat then!
haha id still like to see a dome bubble some where on him lol over his head with the same countoures and conected to the gas mask would be neat!

03 March 2008, 02:42 PM
I'm really enjoying this entry. It reminds me of a severely badass version of the Marvel character Mojo.

03 March 2008, 07:39 PM
looking very rad, love the spiked shoulder pad, cool mechanics.

03 March 2008, 08:58 PM
haha...That's cool Brut, feel free to quote me man ;)

03 March 2008, 10:38 PM
redmonkey.. No his other arm will be different as he will be wielding the artifact in that hand..

I'm still not done modelling his arm, or artifact, but I wanted to throw some color on.. cause I'm impatient..

03 March 2008, 10:41 PM
dunno what it is, but i like it:thumbsup:

03 March 2008, 10:56 PM


03 March 2008, 11:32 PM
holly s#$@! this is crazy. :thumbsup:

03 March 2008, 06:51 AM
Thats a very disturbing underside, makes me feel uncomfortable. Excellent paint job.

03 March 2008, 07:15 AM
hey alex!

beautiful update. really like where this is going.
sorry man, no crits.


03 March 2008, 07:48 AM
wow bad ass~! O_O

03 March 2008, 10:55 PM
Did a lot of grunt work on the low poly.. he's clocking in at a little over 6K right now.. with his right arm shoulder pad, gasmask and artifact outstanding... So there will be some optimization for sure..

03 March 2008, 11:53 PM
Oooooo! Well, that's just damn fancy! Nicely done there suh! :)

I'd still like to see some more fanciness with da ZBrush though. ;)

Get back to it! Yahhhhh! :P

03 March 2008, 02:59 AM
Your a hard girl to please, gattaca.. Heres some zbrush texture work..

03 March 2008, 03:44 AM
Good Gawd that's sweet.
thank you sooooo much for making me want to give up and hide in the closet.:eek:

03 March 2008, 03:56 AM
Holy hell. If this doesn't hit the top fifty I'll eat my hat.

03 March 2008, 05:14 AM
Woot!! Daaaaaaaaang! That's flippin sweet yeah! :D I likes me that texture work. If you don't finish in the top 5 then there is something wrong wit dem peoples that run this contest! :)

What are those two tentacle things around his ass area gonna be? Tentacles? :P

I think his vagina needs some more abuse put on it. It looks too fresh and clean. Make him look used suh! :P

Lovin it though!! Awesome job! :)

03 March 2008, 05:50 AM
Woot!! Daaaaaaaaang! That's flippin sweet yeah! :D I likes me that texture work. If you don't finish in the top 5 then there is something wrong wit dem peoples that run this contest! :)

What are those two tentacle things around his ass area gonna be? Tentacles? :P

I think his vagina needs some more abuse put on it. It looks too fresh and clean. Make him look used suh! :P

Lovin it though!! Awesome job! :)

Gattaca - LoL ... you sure do make some great comments and no im not being sarcastic.

Brutikong - I love your character and your are pretty darn fast at it too, great form, Nice flow of details and he sure does show alot of dominance. Goodluck to you sir

The Flork
03 March 2008, 06:00 AM
OH OK! i thought you said it was an arm, i was like waaaaaaaaah? lol ok yeah thats awesome!

i really like those front arms in the bottom view, but they loose a little something on the top view. it would be cool if you added those knots and creases to the top.

also what are you planing for those orbs? are you gonna add more other places or something? they seem kinda outta place?

03 March 2008, 07:38 AM
Even better in colors... Excellent :thumbsup:

03 March 2008, 09:11 AM
Beautifull I'm speechless:eek:

03 March 2008, 03:43 PM
Nice work Brutikong, interesting story(1000 years o' angel rape lol), proportions and overall bulky design, as for crits, dunno about the design of the legs, they seem undefined when compared to the rest of the model, maybe you could give him actual spider legs or something that's more in sync with the overall design, then again i'm dealing with a talented Raven artist, so maybe i should just shut up LOL, looking forward to any updates man.

03 March 2008, 04:33 PM
Excellent model, I think your a shoe-in to win. He has a good feeling of weight to him. Definitely an end game boss.

03 March 2008, 06:50 PM
Dude!!! I had a brilliant idea and had to share! :D

Those two pieces of his body that stick out in the front under his stomach that are not clearly defined yet.........I think that you should make them two penises! :D

I mean really.......CHUDD can have two penises.......or is it peni? :P
He already has a vagina......why not go full tilt and give him two peni! :D

Yes I know.....I'm a genius! :D

You can thank me for my brilliant idea by making it happen. ;)

Back to work wit you! Yaaaaaahhhhhhh! :D

03 March 2008, 07:19 AM
this is looking damn cool! great anatomy! i love his long twisted fingers and the black orbs on his legs. kinda reminds me of Barlow's inferno. the subtle skull on his ass is a great touch.

the only thing that bugs me is his head. it doesn't seem as interesting or original as the rest of him. it lacks some of the elegance that the rest of him has. wish i had better input... maybe if you brought back some of the wrinkly frills around his neck that you had in the original concept? maybe it's the fat lip i don't like.

i always thought these guys had pretty cool mouths:

03 March 2008, 05:19 PM
Wow! Thats looking great! :thumbsup:

03 March 2008, 08:56 PM
This is awesome work dude.It will fitt right in to the next Doom.

03 March 2008, 11:07 PM
Very nicely sculpted piece you have here. The folds of flesh are very well implemented. A couple of things that stand out as odd. The exterior organs are oddly placed considering he is so massive and has plenty of space to accommodate such organs, and he doesn't look like hes been cut anywhere which makes me wonder whether the organs are just for decor. Maybe if you were to place some stitching and scarring about his body.

The armor seems a bit out of place also, probably because it's so sparse. Some more armor or metal elements in places should do the trick. Again, awesome job on the sculpt :thumbsup:.

03 March 2008, 12:45 AM
Wow, amazing work! Just gonna sit back and enjoy the show.

03 March 2008, 06:43 PM
can't believe u are almost there already...did u take a week off or smthing? lol

great job ;P

03 March 2008, 07:51 PM
That's just some lovely design and sculpting work. Very inspiring (and scary) stuff. Nice work!

03 March 2008, 10:40 AM
great design. best work i think i've seen so far on dw3. fantastic!

03 March 2008, 08:13 PM
Thank you everyone. So I've resolved alot of the outstanding design issues with the model. Got his right arm in place. And his artifact. There is still some detailing to be done on that to make it more aggressive. In fact I have to to do a polish pass on just about every part of him before I render out my normals. Some of the leg treatment will be refined maybe redone. Still have the "Air Tank" to concept out.

If I have the poly's which I doubt, I will add some more accessories to his belt. Some kinda grenade thing... Please throw out any suggestions for that. Thanks....

03 March 2008, 08:59 PM
WOW! great work! :thumbsup:

03 March 2008, 09:03 PM
Had to post here again and give you credit for what you have done so far. Definately contender material. However, I noticed some of the armour you have on your creature, like the shoulder pads, forearm, maybe artifact? looks sorta sci-fi whereas the rules state that no metal constructs can be used... so I was just wanting to know are you allowed to do this?

03 March 2008, 09:31 PM
that sure is a big, ugly, mother****er :thumbsup:

keep it up ,

03 March 2008, 09:41 PM
Mantegra- I think there is some room for interpretation there.

First off, I haven't read anywhere that there is no sci-fi. So whether my metal armor looks sci-fi or medievil is irrelevant. Most people have chosen to go medievil, I think that helps my piece stand out.

Second it is post apocalyptic. A time after the rise of the robots. With their downfall it is presumed that there is an abundance of broken cyborgs laying around.

Third : metal construct. How do you define this term? I define it as an entity comprised of metal. Meaning the metal is core to the creatures existence. If you remove the shoulder pads and gauntlet from my character, he would still exist. And most likely tear you limb from limb.
If you don't go by that definition, pretty much every other character in this war would be disqualified. Yours included. Why is metal platemail armor not an issue, but a piece of metal torn off a tank and thrown on the shoulder is?

There is the point of no steam equipment or anything with electronics. To which I would say that I have designed the pieces within these rules. None of his armor is functional in any way other than it being pointy, and sharp or hurts alot when you get hit with it.

03 March 2008, 09:45 PM
Mantegra... I was just posing those questions generally. Not asking you directly. I just re read my post. There is no attitude intended in that response. Maybe I should have included some of these...:)

03 March 2008, 09:45 PM
Very nice. Truely this is some of the best work I've seen in this contest so far :thumbsup: I don't think your design is too sci-fi though. At least that's not my general impression, when I see it.

03 March 2008, 12:42 AM
dude that thing is sick!

03 March 2008, 01:45 AM
hey Alex ur stuff is lookin awesome dude!
came out pretty well indeed.
even i dont agree what mantegra abt the scifi thing and the metal. i guess people forget that its a gameart challenge and post stuff without readings the rules and regs.
but neways just dropped by to appriciate ur work..

03 March 2008, 03:23 AM
holy c.....looking great man. I love the organic feel. Hope you can get it to look so good in 9k :)

03 March 2008, 03:29 AM
That is one sick (read amazing yet scary) creature. Can't wait to see it destroy the other teams! Good luck!

03 March 2008, 09:39 AM
Absolutely stunning Man!! You've skills ;-)


03 March 2008, 01:01 PM
Awesome work dude, love how his front kind of feels like raw chicken. :-) (

03 March 2008, 10:53 PM
That's really outstanding, I like a lot the creature's shape and the exaggerated proportions...
Great work!:thumbsup:

03 March 2008, 11:24 PM
Holy Moly, that's utterly amazing!

Can't wait to see the finished piece. Nice one.

03 March 2008, 11:31 PM
you have a winner here man, great work :thumbsup:

03 March 2008, 05:24 PM
pimp more already :)

loving the barlowe influences

03 March 2008, 08:59 PM
ya whicked model and great idea. i love it man!

03 March 2008, 04:37 PM
a w e s o m e l y ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! :thumbsup:

03 March 2008, 07:53 PM
You nearly made me give up. Absolutely awesome. Love it. Post some more.

03 March 2008, 08:01 PM
You nearly made me give up. Absolutely awesome. Love it. Post some more.

03 March 2008, 12:51 PM
Aww he's such a cute widdle guy! Looks like alot of fun to hang out with.

This is looking amazing Alex. It has some nice "breathing areas" of low detail which is good.
The feet and tail designs really helped make this character. I'd make sure that staff is very thick, chunky, and brutal. Like he just ripped a piece of destroyed machinery from the ground and added some stuff to it.


03 March 2008, 01:13 AM
this is most definately "OMG" material. I really cant find anything constructive to say. so....ummm...

...I love it!

03 March 2008, 06:28 AM
That is one mean, disgusting looking character. I can't wait until it is finished! :)


03 March 2008, 09:13 AM
OMG!! OMG!!! OMGGGGG!!! *jaws drop*.

VUERRRRYYYYY NICEEEEEZAHH , I am loving it! Keep it up!

03 March 2008, 08:40 PM
Just Beautifull.

03 March 2008, 09:17 PM
Keep it up.
Did you see the news? Dominance war 3 has been extened by 5 days! :bounce:

May be i will be able to finish my character :scream:

03 March 2008, 11:36 PM
Did you get any where with the low poly mesh yet, there's a lot of people eager to see it....??

03 March 2008, 12:21 AM
Blaschke- Yes I see that.. I am not sure how I feel about it.

Thanks for watching Robert... with the clock ticking I kinda forget to set up these updates.. I am more focused on getting the tasks done.. But the low poly for the main character is done.. I still have to do the weapon.. hand.. some trinkets... but I got a little less than 2000 polys to do that.. so I should be ok..

Thanks Tim... From the beginning my goal was to create a barlowe-esque demon that would fit within the dominance war universe.

Jedi.. Yeah that weapon is beating the pudding out of me.. It's the last thing im working on .. hopefully will be the coolest though..

Heres the update.. With ambient occlusion baked out.. I also baked out my zbrush textures out to a diffuse map.. but they need a little cleaning up.. so that'll be a later update..

03 March 2008, 12:25 AM
so this guy fits all on to a 2048? You crazy raven guys...

03 March 2008, 12:30 AM
amazing! :thumbsup:

03 March 2008, 01:33 AM
Lookin' pretty sexy! Hurry up and finish this sucker. :)

04 April 2008, 06:58 AM
Outstanding work

04 April 2008, 04:31 AM
Here is an update on the artifact.

04 April 2008, 01:44 PM
Very cool. I think maybe you should curve the arms of the weapon a little more to make it "grip" the sphere at the end. Right now the sphere looks like it is just sitting there.
Also, is there a reason for the chain? or is it just decoration? ... just wondering.

04 April 2008, 11:08 PM
Nice one. I have been battling to get that low poly side ground out myself but you just knocked it up in no time, have you been off work? Respect the work you guys at Raven do, many happy hours playing your games over a few beers in the last couple of years. Well done seeing things through, looking forward to the final texure/pose now, count those days. London, England salutes you.

04 April 2008, 11:23 PM
This just keeps getting better and better. Awesome follow through dude!

04 April 2008, 02:42 PM
Very nice modeling, looks cool

04 April 2008, 03:07 AM
Coming to the end here...
Still rendering out my winning pose.. and contemplating any last minute changes to my beauty shot. But here are a couple of nuggets in the meantime.

04 April 2008, 03:09 AM Sheet

04 April 2008, 03:11 AM
Texture Sheet

04 April 2008, 03:36 AM
Beauty Shot

04 April 2008, 03:48 AM
*Jaw drops..Awesome man!! simply awesome.. Top notch!! Its been an honour to be fighting the war along side with you man!! *salutes


04 April 2008, 04:20 AM
OMG! wow, i am speechless, your execution and progress through out this war has been amazing to watch. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

04 April 2008, 04:22 AM

Freaking awesome Alex. I love that you decided to put him in the snow. The composition, the lighting, everything is just A+

04 April 2008, 04:27 AM
wooooww! man that's some amazing piece of work, the beauty shot is mind blowing!!! congrats!

04 April 2008, 04:45 AM
Awesome work!
Nice beautyshot!
Only thing would be that his left leg(for us), the way it dissapears in the snow feels a bit strange to me as just under beneath the rocks starts.just being fuzzy there ofcourse as this is just huge!
Congratz on finishing such a great work!

04 April 2008, 05:01 AM
OKMER... thanks.. I intended that to be just snow kicked up from his movement not so much it being underneath the snow.. But I'll keep it in mind as I decide what to rework tomorrow..

dmighty one... Thank you sir.

Thanks Mike, and for all the comments and help throughout the process.. much appreciated.

DTran.. No thank you.. Your entry definitely made me push mine harder.

Thank you Rezeroth.. and congratulations on finishing your own piece.

and Here is where my winning sheet stands... Im going to let it marinate for a bit.. see how I feel about it in the morning..

04 April 2008, 05:09 AM
wow this has got to be one of the most unique and stunning characters throughout this war, it has been a priviledge that you share your artistic vision and voyage of creation on chudd with us. thankyou kindly it has been very inspirational :) and best of luck with the results

04 April 2008, 07:26 AM
Wonderful final. Congrats. :beer:You must end up high in the ranks with this one ;)

04 April 2008, 09:05 AM
let the power with us :D
great work !!

04 April 2008, 09:25 AM
very great work I love how your uvs are laid out!

04 April 2008, 09:34 AM
Great texturing , I would of never of guessed it was 9k or under !

04 April 2008, 09:40 AM
The beauty render is fantastic...Good job!!


04 April 2008, 10:58 AM
wow you made it look even better (in you final shots) than it already was. thats by far one of the best in the whole dw3 that i've seen

04 April 2008, 11:37 AM
Beautifull. CONGRATULATIONS:). Very nice job.

04 April 2008, 12:31 PM
Awesome job. Did you change the top of the weapon in the beauty shot?

Also, the "winning sheet" background looks too similarly colored to the character. You should probably try to get your character to stand out more from the background, not blend in, which it sort of is doing right now.

Good luck!

04 April 2008, 02:02 PM
Juicy Vagina. :D

04 April 2008, 05:43 PM
I have been watching your updates and definitely think you should be able to win the whole thing.

Whats great about your character is that, other than the awesome modelling and texturing, he looks like he could be animated well considering we are supposed to be making game models and not just still figures, which is the way some other characters are looking.

Good luck.

04 April 2008, 01:17 AM
you must have cheated somehow, cause that's just too damn good:applause:

The Flork
04 April 2008, 07:50 AM
amazing work my man! good stuff all the way threw! congrats on finishing!
hahaha how awesome is that texture mat of his head chest and belly! you should crop that and take it to get printed on canvis! that would be an awesome poster!

04 April 2008, 07:55 AM
Damn your beauty render looks so sharp and nice. Great stuff, I am amazed at your skills dude.

Go CGSociety! :buttrock:

04 April 2008, 08:57 AM
really stunning work... he came out really great, congrats

04 April 2008, 09:11 AM
If you don't win this thing send Mr. Chudd after those judges!
I'm very impressed with how he turned out, everything fell into place amazingly in the end!

Now model my guy!! (because I'm sure you're not burned out AT ALL...)

04 April 2008, 07:03 PM
YOUR DESIGN IS REALLY GROTESQUE, NASTY. To destroyed too. "Whats that men"?

04 April 2008, 07:33 PM
Its grotesque, its repulsive, its monstrous and I Love it!!
fantastic..just amazing! Congratulations!:applause: all the best and good luck

04 April 2008, 07:42 PM
This is top notch work. I LOVE it. Inspirational for sure. Best of luck in the contest!! Hopefully it will stop snowing in WI soon.

04 April 2008, 10:08 PM
Amazing Concept! I really liked it! Wish Good Luck and Congratulations!

04 April 2008, 04:20 AM
Definately a contender for the win, fantastic job, really amazed at this entry, props man.

04 April 2008, 04:10 PM
Joed.. The beauty shot has the weapon effect.. basically a vortex, the swirl is a visual distortion. Thanks..

Gattaca.. I don't know how to respond to you anymore :)

dimperioa I appreciate the vote of confidence. I did notice that myself on a couple of other really nice pieces, where they were essentially making sculptures.

Scudzalmighty- Thank you
The Flork .. Thanks for watching the thread and commenting along the way.

DDS- Thank you.

Kmanning- Thanks

Vinod- Big thanks for all the input especially in the last few days there..

Bloodtaster- Well it seems your my target audience. :) thanks

MimikOctopus-- thank you.. Yeah that is ridiculous, i couldn't believe it.. Gotta start making plans to move south.. I can't take it anymore..

lBreakeRl- Thanks for the comment..

RedFish You have a fantastic piece going yourself. I really appreciate you dropping by, your high res mesh made me shift uneasily in my seat, and made me push harder. Thanks for that motivation.. If CG doesnt win this year again, it was still good fighting with you..

04 April 2008, 05:20 PM
Hey Brutikong,

Man, awesome work. One of the best of the whole comp, in my opinion. Congrats on an amazing entry

04 April 2008, 05:53 PM

still, I'm a total nub :D so I don't understand how those tentacles are built. And can't even understand in texture sheets where they are. But i repeat it's me...Well they really seem to me to be something so difficult to manage...

04 April 2008, 06:31 PM
oh wow.. you caught something there Agostinuke

the tentacles are in the top right corner of the map.. you can see them in the opacity map clearly..

I didnt unhide that layer for the diffuse when I collapsed it down to make my texture sheet..
that corner should look like this. Pretty simple some color and and grain. nothing special.. lighting did most of the work there..

04 April 2008, 06:46 PM
very inspirational piece. the modeling, texturing, uv's are all amazing. i think you have a good shot at winning this thing

04 April 2008, 08:13 PM
I'm on a pretty weak internet connection, but from what part of the pix that do load...this is a beast of the model. I can only see this guy from his belly and up. But from what I saw....definitly a contender for top 50. Congrats on finishing man, it's been great seeing ya work on this ;)

04 April 2008, 09:07 PM
Bruti, hats off to you for an original (and scary) concept and pulling it out! Impressive...I'm going to keep my eyes on your work! :)

04 April 2008, 09:49 PM
This looked awsome from the begining.
Good luck.

04 April 2008, 04:36 PM
Ok!:beer: :bowdown::D

oh wow.. you caught something there Agostinuke

the tentacles are in the top right corner of the map.. you can see them in the opacity map clearly..

I didnt unhide that layer for the diffuse when I collapsed it down to make my texture sheet..
that corner should look like this. Pretty simple some color and and grain. nothing special.. lighting did most of the work there..

05 May 2008, 10:57 AM
Congrats. 4th place is an excellent ranking :) Looking at 1-3, I actually think your entry should have won.

05 May 2008, 02:52 PM
Yeah man, TOTALLY AWESOME! Congrats! This character is really amazingly original!


05 May 2008, 04:49 PM
Indeed totaly kick ass and congratz on a wall deserved place man!
Althouhg I dod agree a bit with Martin!

05 May 2008, 07:36 PM
Way to go on leading the pack in CGTalk entries. Terrific work and congrats on your win! The judges' comments were great as well - they were really impressed with your design technical excellence (as well they should be - it rocked!) Anyhow, great work again! :thumbsup:

06 June 2008, 02:47 PM
Thanks Martin and Okmer walrus... I really wanted to take it home for cgsociety. I got 3 places higher this year over last year. Maybe next year i'll do it. :)

Muttonhead-Thank you I appreciate that..

06 June 2008, 03:48 PM
congrats man! :beer: You totally deserved top 3 tho

06 June 2008, 04:34 PM
Thanks Martin and Okmer walrus... I really wanted to take it home for cgsociety. I got 3 places higher this year over last year. Maybe next year i'll do it. :)

Muttonhead-Thank you I appreciate that..

What I don't understand is how your entry was not even in the top 10 of some of the judges choices. They had some ridiculously stupid characters that in my opinion suck. The winning entry was pretty cool, but lacked a little in originality. I think the judges needed a little help in making better choices for their top 10.

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06 June 2008, 04:34 PM
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