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02 February 2008, 12:05 AM
Hi everyone. My character will be:

Class: Invoker.

Energy Type: Air/Lightning.

The sketch will be posted probably today, since I'm working on it right now.

02 February 2008, 04:55 AM
Alrighty then, heres what I've come up with after brain storming for quite a while.

A shaman, very close with nature and and elements of earth, was rushing through a lush jungle full of muddy terrain and marvelous stones. He was in seach of a specific ingridient that imroves his skin pigmentation, ableing it to reflect the surroundings. As he traveled deeper and deeper into the jungle, he came across a very muddy lake. But its not the mudd that caught his eye, it was the huge rock in the middle. The rock was shining with unnatural colors to this shaman's world. As he came closer, the light wained a little, as if someone on purpose tuned it down. So, as Pankratos aproached this monument, he noticed a human-sized, decomposing chameleon. The reptile was half stone with very neon looking material dripping of its half-gone body. The weilder of nature climebed unto the this massive, rigid boulder in order to inspect his finding. He droped to his knees, and touched the lifless body. It was very stiff and very solid for a decomposing reptilian. Then Pankratos decided to inspect the fluid that was all over the whole area and turned away from the illfated geko. As he let his guard down and decided to skoop some of the shiny material, one of the teleskope-looking eyes of the creature suddenly moved. It turned all its gaze towards the newcomer. The half rock, half magical, glitering pile of reptilian rock rose on its feet. And waited.
When Pankratos was satisfied with the amount of substance he collected, he rose up to dust himself from dirt. The creature energeticly jumped on his back, and covered half of the shaman's head with its mouth.

For hours he wrestled the powerfull creature. But instead of killing Pankratos, it infused in his skin. Eventually he collapsed in exhaustion and passed out. When he awoke he was in the middle of a crystal clear puddle of water. He rose and inspected himself in the reflection of him and creature that embraced him. The shaman looked at his half organic/rocky looking skin and and felt that the shining substance was actually made of magic. He felt the power cource through his veins.


Elements: Earth and Rock.


This shaman can wield magic of earth and the magic stone remains of the chameleon. He can empower his allies with abilities of blending into surroundings.Also, he can root his enemies to the ground, by turning it into very sticky mudd, then paralize and drain his enemies of energy, which the invading mashines have plenty of.:)

02 February 2008, 07:47 AM
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