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02 February 2008, 09:47 PM
Hi guys, this will be the first comp Im entering.Im expecting it to be great fun and to learn a lot from it.

[Reserved for final presentation]

[Latest Progress]

02 February 2008, 08:42 AM
My first concept, dunno if I have time to think out more concepts but I will try.

Ive been thinking about making an insectoid Stalker thats using the immense DARKNESS to hunt down the other forums evil archangels. Ive been spending the day drawing some thumbs and elaborated some of the ideas Ive had.

Right now Im painting one of the guys I really like. I am trying to tweak him out so that he will be as horrible as he can be.

Atm he has these 2 attackorgans in his back that he can shot out at all directions . He has 4 arms with claws(dunno if he need more) Im also thinking about giving him 4 legs, more like a spider.

Since I really havent been doing these gameartcomps, I wonder about the workflow. Im thinking something about this:
1: concept art
2: low poly modeling (maya)
3: high poly for normal map (zbrush, I have to relearn that :P)
4: Colormap, speccmap etc (Photoshop)
5: Rigging
6: Posing for the winning shot ;)
7: render
Anything Ive missed out, or should I be doing them in any other order?

Feel free to C&C.

02 February 2008, 09:00 PM
I have evolved on the insectoid concept today, cleaned up the sketch so I can use it for a sideport view when Im modeling.

Background story forBiguB:

"Once there was a dark mage wandering the world seeking power and destruction. The mage had a staff where he had trapped souls and used their lifeforces to make his magic.
Trying to get more artifacts of power he roamed the dark forrests. He was attacked by a group of four legged exeskeletal insects looking for food. The mage brought forth his magic and slayed all but one. Then jumped high in the air and brought down his staff hitting the bug just behind the top of the shell driving it deep into the body.

What the mage did not know was that these creatures was creatures of magic who could take magic from other species. The staff saw its chance to get away from the mage who had trapped so many soul. He spoke softly to the bug who understood it, told it how to use the magic from the staff.
The bug and the staff melted to one conciousness, and they called themselves BiguB. BiguB swiftly recovered from the blow and used the dark magic to vanish, letting the mage fall down on the ground. Then Bigub returned to our reality and stabbed the mage to pieces then devouring him.

BiguB still wanders our world hungry for more magicusers to devour."

03 March 2008, 09:04 PM
Heres the lowpolymesh so far. Im up to around 6k polys. Missing the upper arms and the staff in his back.
Im not sure if I have the right shape on the lower arms, maybe I should beef them up some or maybe change their shape to something more crablike...

There are some renderingproblems with the wireframe around the eye, so that part isnt 100% correct.

03 March 2008, 06:47 PM
I havent really been working with normalmaps, so I dont know if I have a good workflow.
Soooo, should I:
1: make the lowpoly model in Maya, UV-Map it then take it to Zbrush. In Zbrush make a highpoly version then use Zbrush to generate a normalmap?
2: make a lowpoly model i Maya, import it to Zbrush. Make a highpoly version then reimport it to Maya. UVmap the lowpoly version then use Mayas transfermap to generate a normalmap?

I dont know if there is any other way to do it, please tell me if I got it all wrong :)

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