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02 February 2008, 09:33 AM
This is exciting, my first competition too.

02 February 2008, 08:42 PM
So best wishes

02 February 2008, 08:44 PM
woooooooooot! ONWARD TO VICTORY!!!
Srsly, Isaac. I want you to beat me! I want to loose my jaw over your massive 3d character!

Do you know what Matt's thread is?

03 March 2008, 05:01 AM
post! post! post! post! post! post!

Pigeon Lord
03 March 2008, 05:27 AM

Thanks for letting me know about DWIII. I'm looking forward to seeing your work. I'm sure it'll rock.

And Nick, my thread is under "Pigeon Lord"

03 March 2008, 04:18 AM

Half Elf/Half Demon


Desperate for an ultimate weapon to face the rising threat of the machines the Council of Sages authorized experiments in cross species breeding. The goal was to create a chimera. Half Demon, half Elf, by combining two of the most magically inclined humanoids in the known universe it was hoped to create an unstoppable weapon, a creature with vastly superior magic powers.

Overcoming the fundamental differences between Elfs and Demons proved to be difficult, in combining the species unpredictable and horrific results were common. Most of the test subjects died shortly after birth, torn apart by their opposing internal forces. Alchemists on the project proposed using runes of power both to fortify the creatures’ strength and to apply balance to the creatures’ dual nature. The results were successful beyond imagining.

By fortifying the creature, some of its more feral nature was suppressed, however many of the more feral test subjects were uncontrollable, and when gripped with animal rage they would tend to self-destruct. While the power was significant there was limited control as to when and what would put the Chimera into a rage. Because of that only Chimera with high mental faculties, leaning toward the more peaceful Elven tendencies were allowed to live.

Control was further maintained by chaining the Chimera using enchanted bonds, thus the creatures were allowed some degree of freedom, while triggering any of the runes of defense would bind the beast until it could he dealt with properly.

Test Subject #57 also known as Elrath, has shown incredible intelligence, un-paralleled control of the arcane arts, as well as a semi cooperative disposition. Because of these traits he has been selected as our Ultimate Weapon… Mans last hope against the legions of machines. Elrath is about six and a half feet tall, he has the limbs of a man, with ivory horns growing from his elbows, knees, ankles, heels and knuckles. He has a head that resembles an elf, however he has no eyes in that head. Early in his live, Elrath tried to claw open his “Elven eyes”, however they have never developed, leaving his face scarred. Elrath speaks though the mouth on his Elven head. His torso is very interesting, A face, resembling a wolf, or other canine beast protrudes from his abdomen. The eyes on this face are how Elrath sees, they have no pupil, and a wreathed in flame. In the mouth the sharp teeth have not ever fallen out, and have never broken, With this animal like head, Elrath is able to bite through almost any substance known to man. This bizarre mouth is also capable of digesting anything that it consumes.

Elrath will be armed with The Staff of Derion. The staff is six feet tall, and has proven indestructible to any forces known to man. A small golden cube floats suspended in the head of the staff. 8 gold bands surround the wooden loop. Studies have shown that the staff is a powerful foci especially for Fire based magic. Elrath also has displayed strength in the area, which is why this artifact was selected for him. In early tests Elrath struck the staff on the ground, melting an area in front of him and turning to molten lava. Striking armor produced similar results.

During Elraths second trial run we took him off world to Paragos. We released him on a small community of demons, When he returned after sacking the village, we arrived with him two heads, when asked about it, Elrath explained that they were the heads of the village shaman, and his mate. Both it seems were powerful mages. Elrath has since etched runes into the skulls and hung them from the head of the Staff of Derion, The head of the staff is now wreathed in a blue/green fire.

03 March 2008, 06:24 AM
AWESOME back story! Ho lee crap. I especially like the runes stuff and the shaman mage heads hanging from the staff. I'm trying to reconcile the horns with the wolf. Maybe you should use a dragon head coming out of the chest, rather than the wolf... but it would be cool to try to attempt wolf fur... Are you going to have runes chained to his body? That would be cool...

DUDE! you should made his elf ears big, so they kind of look like bat ears... but not too big.
Is he going to be ripped, or just have tons of armor on?

Way to go Isaac!

03 March 2008, 06:26 AM
Here's some cool bat ear reference... You could make hair planes...

04 April 2008, 06:36 AM
lol... no.. it's just the mudbox screenshot right now, but i do have a fun friday planned of tweaking pushing coercing and carousing with normals.
*note the sarcasm...
seriously... i have to transfer all the normals of the original modeling in maya to the lowres mudboxed version.
don't be sickened! you can do it! i know you can. just mess around with mudbox!
but can you believe the extra 5 days!? o__0 time to step it up

04 April 2008, 08:23 AM
School has been destroying me latley, yet I never seem to get anything done... here are some of my concept drawings, and tomorrow I will post my rough model.

04 April 2008, 07:51 PM
that wolf face is pretty freaky! i love your concept! keep going!

04 April 2008, 09:09 PM
Here are my current models, the staff is missing the skull, I think I'm just doing one now, but other than that its ready to pull into mudbox to give it a little more texture and coolness.

Elrath, still needs a lot of work, but he is comming along. I hope to get a ton done this weekend.

04 April 2008, 10:52 PM
that wolf face is looking badass.
btw... 9 days NINE DAYS!

04 April 2008, 10:35 AM
My first attempt at pulling something into mudbox, and really doings something with it...

04 April 2008, 02:32 AM
i like the rib cage and what you've done with the shorts so far... if you're having trouble with the muscles, remember to work from big brush to small brush. use the convex falloff for bulging out and the pinpoint tip for cutting in to define the muscles... remember to work from reference... hey isaac... btw, thanks for being so nice to me and encouraging me on my stuff too.

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04 April 2008, 02:32 AM
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