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02 February 2008, 07:41 AM
First Dominance War, im so excited. Time to think, :bounce:


Character Description: A undead human which possesses the natural element of fire and lava. Parts of flesh and skin hang on parts of the character glowing red from the natural heat below the skin and inside the bone. Cracks in its skill with lava oozing out and various charred parts of his body. The armor which this character wears is melted into his flesh and bone combining it with his natural structure. This character is a stealth like assasin/bandit who is able to do heavy conflict as well as stealth like operations due to his quick speed, accuracy and ability to burn anyone on contact due to his high body temperature which sits around 1000C~1350C.

Weapons: Wielding two long sarraded daggers this stalker seems unstoppable, the edges of the daggers glow with redness due to the body heat warming up the dagger which allows it to cut through metal with ease, the dagger seeks for revenge becomming warmer each victom it slays.

Armor: Powerful armor crafted by ancients in the past, forbidden ever to wear due a curse which would cause the bear'er skin to melt on contact with this armor bounding it into their bone and soul forever, giving ability to never die until their body is worn down to dust. This amor is combined into the bear'ers body calling them to defend those in need.

Attack Style: Quick fast and smoldering, this character can jump around everywhere inflicting multiple wounds on a enemy cutting through most materials with ease. Even on contact this stalker burns its enemy.

Name: TBA
Race: Human/Undead/Skeleton
Class: Stalker
Artifact Weapon: Daggers Fire/Lava

So pretty much im gonna be going for a lot of gritty reds and black as well as some whites and maybe oranges/yellows. I hope my creation can live up to the description,

Hopefully ill have a name and some sketches soon. = )

02 February 2008, 09:59 AM
Hi Matt XD

im so pumped right now..

I hope we both do well on this :thumbsup:

02 February 2008, 12:48 AM
Good News!... I did a 35-40 min test on seeing if my modeling technique will work well on the sketch head/skull I did of my character. And sucess! It seemed to work well. So ill have my sketch and picture of the skulls progress by tommorow, good luck everyone!

02 February 2008, 03:44 PM
Heres a low poly test of the head of my character im starting on. Please remember this was only a test to see if my modeling technique for modeling a skeleton would work. And it did, I skull quick. About 45 mins, thats quick for me. lol.

It comes to 650 Tris, but I wasted a lot on the back of the skull. Its edge flow started nicely but it decreased as I hurryed along. But now that I kno my technique works. Im currently going to remodel this skull properly, spending like at least a couple of hours.

Heres the test (45 Mins);

03 March 2008, 04:41 AM
Ok, long time no post. Lol. Now as you can see that skull test wasnt very detailed. I remodeled the whole skull in much more detail. Then I remodeled it again to improve the edge loops.

Now this is what I have so far:

I would really apreciate it if you can tell me if theres anything wrong with the poly flow and what i could fix to make the poly flow better, I needa also reduce alot of polys on the back of th skull and add some on the bottom. Cuz the bottom of the skull has no polys as you can see the chin is not completed at the very bottom, its 978 polys so far, so once I remove some polys and add the bottom in I want my goal to be 1000 polys for the head, maybe a bit less. Crits and comments would be much apreciated.

Erg, skulls are not easy things to model in my opinion.

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