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02 February 2008, 07:59 AM
Assuming there is going to be a new version sometime...some things need to be improved.
I'm using it more and more but can't seem to NOT use Photoshop for some things that can just be done right in Painter. I love Painter...but some things can be improved.
I use OSX Leopard.

1- color correction tools - be able to see the changes realtime in the canvas instead of some small limited viewer ( not all adjustments do this...but some do). Take hints from Photoshop! Add an on off button right there on the tool prior to commiting also.

2- transform tools with a hot key just like PS. Warping would be nice.

3- UI is buggy. Icons dissappear until clicked on...(layers palette happens during startup - the add layer icons) Also...a setup of palettes like PS cs3 would be nice. To be able to arrange them neatly and even have some hide and unhide when you need them. To pop in and out on the edge of the screen. This would help in maximizing space.

4- redo the airbrushes to get the same effect as ...guess what? PHOTOSHOP. lol The Airbrushes in PS are unmatched. the ones in Painter seem thicker at the slightest pressure for some reason or denser. Can't get a good airbrush like the way PS does it.

5- image previews for RIFFs and PSD's and JPGs in the Finder. For some reason it doesn't give me a little image preview.

When are we expecting new version anyway? Anyone know approx?

02 February 2008, 10:44 PM
Yeah it's crazy that in 2008 Painter still doesn't save previews in PSD's, absolutely ridiculous.

Resizable color wheel is a another long time suggestion that Corel doesn't know how to implement in Painter yet OpenCanvas has it!

02 February 2008, 08:42 PM
I think Painter stands to improve the most if acquired by Adobe ;) Corel tends to destroy products

02 February 2008, 12:28 PM
I'll agree that Painter needs some Improvements. However, having Adobe buy it isn't a viable answer. For years Macromedia and Adobe provided several complimentary programs.

Most notably were Illustrator and Freehand. Freehand was a wonderful program that was better to draw with than Illustrator but had inferior rendering tools compared to Illustrator. I still use Freehand to draw, then hop over to illustrator to render.

Upon the completion of it's acquisition of Macromedia, Freehand was left to whither and die.

If Adobe did buy Painter, then you would most likely see a similar result. Adobe sees painter as competition for its powerhouse Photoshop. The both compete for the Digital Artist market. Granted Painter is weak in the Image editing arena but is very strong in the artistic Image creation venue.

You may see Photoshop incorporate many of painters features if this were to happen but it would be doubtful if Adobe would float two programs geared to the same audience.

Adobe didn't bother to use the features from Freehand, mainly the far superior pen tool, in later versions of Illustrator. So you might not see them take to much from Painter.

Supposing Adobe did get it's hands on Painter and by some miracle they wanted to continue the product line then I'm convinced that Painter would become vastly improved. Flash Fireworks and Dreamweaver all got great new features and UI retooling under Adobe.

Having Adobe buy Painter isnít worth the risk. Iíd much rather have another company buy it from Corel. I donít want to see Painter go the way of Freehand.

As for what I think needs to be improved, there are lots. I want Corel to focus on stability, Photoshop compatibility, color wheel refinements, shortcut additions and improvements and new features. Dual processor support, additional selection tools and improved UI are also High in my list.

86 and a wake up! Wooohooooo

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02 February 2008, 12:28 PM
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