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02 February 2008, 01:30 AM
Evening all...
I'm not entirely sure that this is even worth while attempting in a single package, but I've been asked to look in to its viability, and being an utter know nothing and trying a few ways of sorting this issue I thought I'd come here and ask the guys in the know if I was wasting my time ;) :P

Basically I have a flowing paint effect line, controlled along a motion path. The question is, that if needed is there some way to make a paint effect blend in to a set of particles which initially would hold the shape of the paint line before diffusing slightly to reveal that they are indeed particles...

The example would be a line that if you got close to it, you would see the individual molecules of the line, the shape would hold and slowly the molecules would drift apart, all the while following the motion path but slowly dispersing.

Now my initial thought was to render the line, render a particle pass (either using Maya or some other particle generator - in my case Trapcode Particulate in After Effects) and comp the two together which I feel would be the best way, but studio's being what they are, the best way isn't necessarily the way they want to do things...... So what I suppose I'm asking is, not only is it feasable / achievable within Maya exclusively, but if so how would you go about it...

Any help, advice, suggestions or letters of endorsment from higher powers that get me out of trying to do this effect exclusively in one application, all gratefully appreciated :)

02 February 2008, 08:45 AM

try this ?

select your paintFX, convert it to poly (with history on) and then you can select this poly and then emit particles from this surface. Set the emitter speed to zero and turn on inheirt color option on your emitter and add the rgbPP attribute on ur particle shape... and then play animation. emit for new frames. Select the polygon, go to hypershade, graph materials for your poly n it should display your shading network and select the file node which feeds into the color of the shader, drag and drop this on your emitter's particleColor under the texture emission attributes.. so there by the particles get the same color as the polygon.

Particles will be emitted on to the surface and will stick there. So after you have enough particles you can stop emitting, and you can hide the paintFx poly and when you zoom out your particles appear as ur pfx but when you zoom in they show up that they are particles.

Now the number of particles emitted will determine how finer u want them to be. experiemnt a bit with the number ...

chk the attached file.. select the particles in this scene, play the scene and increase the max count to 10000 or so and then you can see the finer version ... currently to reduce size max count is set to 3000. You might need to reset the initial state !

hope this is useful ?

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02 February 2008, 08:45 AM
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