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02 February 2008, 09:17 PM
Hi, it's been a long time I've wanted to post on those forums, but never had time to work on some personnal stuff, and even less on personnal stuff up to this place's standards. So, not that my work suddenly became good enough to be posted here, but I thought I could use your advises to improve my 3D skills.
Let me introduce you to my first low-poly (as in UE3 low-poly) character : it's a model based on the scout figure ( from Games Workshop's Warhammer 40K tabletop game, but as you're going to see, I tried to give him a bit of the "Epic Games (" proportions.

So, as you can see, he's part of the Dark Angels Chapter, and moreover, he's not finished yet. I've tried to keep the simple design of the figure, and to paint it using what remains of my long forgotten figures painting skills. I'm going to start working on the head, and then go back to his clothes and armour.
When I'm done with him, I plan on doing several other W40K units, which explains the thread title. The secret goal of this wasted time is to create as much models as possible for my friends to use during our UT3 LANs.

Thanks for reading and bearing with my bad english.

02 February 2008, 09:30 AM
Good start, everyone has a 40k short cg film in the heart :) so watching the evolution of 40k models is ever interesting.

UE3 uh ? Can you give the specification in terms of polycount target, texture resolution etc. ?

02 February 2008, 08:50 PM
Thanks, I'm glad you like the way it looks for now.
From what I saw on various websites (including the Unrealtechnology ( website, check the characters part), characters for UE3 usually use 2048 normal, diffuse and specular maps for their head, and the same for their body. They can also have illumination and fake SSS maps.
I'm aiming at a polycount between 10k and 14k triangles (Marcus Phoenix is at 13k or 15k, UT3 main character at 22k), and for now, the model is 13 211 tris, with no optimization.

Here's a wirerender, before I go back to Zbrush to sculpt the head.

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02 February 2008, 08:50 PM
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