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04 April 2003, 11:07 PM
Does anyone know where the tweak data for subDs are?

I am trying to copy my adjustments made in levels 1, 2, etc... to another model. The other model has the same basic geometry (level 0... faces, etc..) but is proportioned differently.

I started going down this path:
querySubdiv -a 1;
ls -sl;
pointPosition -l polyToSubd6.smp[9728][67108866];
move -os 0.414529 3.538424 0.548014 polyToSubd4.smp[9728][67108866]

but since the over riding level 0 is different, I suspect that the "local" and "worldspace" will not be accurate. I tried the local and got weird results... and I know that the "-ws" will be off because the model is proportioned differently.

I would think that there would be something like when you do Nurb cvs, there are values that can be set for each cv (and all are 0,0,0 by default if there were no tweaks) there something like this for subDs??

04 April 2003, 11:46 PM
Actually, I found this to be quite helpful:

...but I would still like to know where I can access the info directly.... is this info in the tweak node??.... because I also have rigging in the mix, and that might mess with the offset info.

Weird observation.... I have a subD surface, a cluster attached to level 0, I make an adjustment to say a level 1 point, move the cluster, go to the level 1 and adjust again, edit undo.... and it flys off completely. As if the cluster wasn't taken into account in the edit undo info. on the level 1 point.

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