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02 February 2008, 07:49 AM
:banghead: Alright. I have spent three days now beating my head against a wall.
As hard as I have searched for a tutorial on my delima I find only partial answers and out of date techniques.

Here's what I need. I'm rigging a human character that requires blendshapes for elbows, shoulders, etc. Before you mention Mr. Comet's poseDeformer I'm on Maya 8.5 working with an Intel Mac. As hard as I've tried I can't get it to work.

I have spent days experimenting with what sequence of events I need in order to get a good workflow and I keep running into these brick walls. :argh:

If anyone knows of a GOOD (tried and true) tutorial on how to use blendshapes for elbow, etc. please, please, please point me to it.

That said, here is what I've tried, and where I've had problems just doing elbows:
I've already soft bound and weighted the body. I've added influence objects for both hands. Spent a lot of time in the Component Editor correcting weight values too.

created an elbow influence object from a duplicate elbow & centered pivot.
parent OBJ to elbow joint & freeze transforms.
Selected body, OBJ and added influence (with use geometry on)
in the body's skinCluster I turn Use Components On
I select the vertices from the body and open the Component Editor
weight these vertices as 1 exclusive to OBJ
Save my file as ElbowA.mb
Rotate elbow joint 45 degrees
Select vertices on OBJ and sculpt them to look as they should
set elbow joint rotation back to zero
Remove OBJ as influence
Unparent OBJ
Delete everything in the file except for OBJ
Save as ElbowImport.mb
Open ElbowA.mb and import ElbowImport.mb
slide ElbowImportOBJ off to the right
make blendshape from ElbowImportOBJ to OBJ
SDK elbow to blendshape control
Talk about a LONG walk around the block. And yet it still has a lot of problems.

I have to do this for each bend of the elbow (45, 90, 120)
I can not mirror flip this to the other side. So I have to do the whole routine twice!
can not freeze transforms after blendshape (but that's standard I think)
I still don't know if there is going to be other problems yet

02 February 2008, 09:02 AM
i used the same tech for all my chars too, and it works fine for me.

-yes u have to remodel all the degree that u doesnt like how its looks after binding it. (45 90 120 etc)
-u can mirror all the shapes :P
just use any blendshape mirror mels that found on highend3d.
i didnt use those mel though, i did manually mirroring by using warp deformer in maya.
-dont freeze the shapes for blendshapes XD

hope its helps.

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02 February 2008, 09:02 AM
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