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02-02-2008, 08:42 AM
I haven't posted much but would appreciate some critiques on some animations I've been working on. All are under 4mb except the last one which is about 10mb:

Dog Limp (http://www.scottwashi.com/files/WIP/dLimpPersp.avi); Side (http://www.scottwashi.com/files/WIP/dLimpSide.avi) and Front (http://www.scottwashi.com/files/WIP/dLimpFront.avi) views as well.

Walk (http://www.scottwashi.com/files/WIP/dWalkPersp.avi); Side (http://www.scottwashi.com/files/WIP/dWalkSide.avi) and Front (http://www.scottwashi.com/files/WIP/dWalkFront.avi) views.

Jump (http://www.scottwashi.com/files/WIP/JPersp.avi); Side (http://www.scottwashi.com/files/WIP/JSide.avi) and Front (http://www.scottwashi.com/files/WIP/JFront.avi) views.

Tip Toe (http://www.scottwashi.com/files/WIP/tToePersp.avi); Side (http://www.scottwashi.com/files/WIP/tToeSide.avi) and Front (http://www.scottwashi.com/files/WIP/tToeFront.avi) views.

Urban Cowboy (http://www.scottwashi.com/files/WIP/UCPersp.avi).

Thanks in advanced and feel free to totally rip into me.

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02-02-2008, 08:42 AM
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