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tasty cloud
04 April 2003, 04:41 PM
Hi people! :beer:

ok, i'm in. plenty of time, plenty of time. i'm not stressed out. anyway, here's my villian:

The evil egg

for a split second once every 100 000 years, when the 9 planets align and the moon is eclipsing the sun, evil rules the world. this time evil created an egg, an evil egg.

somewhere in a barn a hen sat on her eggs, not knowing she was the mother of the single most evil creature on the planet.

to avoid beeing eaten by the farmer, the vicious egg somehow made a costume out of hay and warmth that looked exatlcy like a cute little bird.

the farmer found the evil egg and thought it was strange that one of the eggs had already been hatched and even more so that it didn't look like a chicken. but he thought it was cute a put it in a cage in his livingroom.

the evil egg formed the most cunning plan ever created to take over the world. A plan that actually would have worked if it wasn't for the fact that an egg can't do much but sit around. so the most evil minded creature ever sits in a pile of birdseed, trapped inside an egg, with a ridiculous costume on his head.


so here's my first concept. sitting in an egg cup at the moment.

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