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01 January 2008, 09:24 PM
hey, everyone... i've been designing this game for a while now and was going to do this in XNA, but after I recieved a project in one of my classes to make a Flash based game, I decided to create it for flash instead, save me some time, and make it availble to more people too. That was about 4 months ago and I kind of neglected the game to work on my 3D, but now I want to revisit it and release it to the public.

A lot of the gameplay is finished, but I plan on adding:
A) allies at your command
B) ally formations (do more damage as a unit)
C) enemy formations
D) a load bar that actually works :P
E) Cutscenes, story, etc.

Just bear with the game :P i haven't optimized it for the web yet, so the loading could take a while.

Any comments/critiques/suggestions would be really helpful because I would really like to improve it and make it more enjoyable before I release it on the web.

And you might want to lower the sound of your speakers :p theres a little error in the sound file for the enemy attacks on the city....... it sounds like they're humping it XD

Download from here:
RapidShare (
MegaUpload (

Concept:You are the last heir of Koble, a fiefdom ruled by a benevolent ruler who had managed to keep his lands peaceful by using a specialized regiment of soldiers designed to keep any force of ill-will outside of his borders.
These fighters used a special mix of armour and were infused with the ability to replicate natural forces. These telepathic abilities, consisting of the ability to control wind, fire, earth, water, and nature, came with a price though. Any individual using them would be inexplicably drained of energy and willpower and even though this has been true for almost half a century, you are the first exception.

You are the first of the Bodard Lancers to be able to control metals and with little to no drain. Your specialty is in using your powers to float shields around yourself and deflect enemy attacks.
StoryThe game takes place 47 years after your grandfather took the throne by uniting the tribes against their common enemy on the Northern lowlands. Your father died 6 month ago, killed by a group of unkown assailants while bathing in the public baths one night. Your grandfather, now in his 60s is devastated by the cold-blooded murder only 2 months after his eldest son died in a jousting accident with one of the Regional Forces soldiers.

Unusual things had been taking place all along the royal line, with lives ending in accidents usual and strange, yet no one expected the outcome that you witness on this day. Your grandfather, murdered in his bed, by the General of Koble's standing army - the Northern Regional Forces.

Your scream of hatred and rage bring the Bodard Lancers to the deathbed of their ruler, but even with a hundred strong, they are only able to drive the General and his Army out of the capital of Koble and into the country-side.

Now the General's forces slowly re-organize and send forces to take the city and complete the Anarchy of Koble.

01 January 2008, 03:51 AM
Updated some of the sound and took out the annoying "uhh" sound that was happening till i can fix the bug that was causing it to repeat rapidly like it did.

download links updated

02 February 2008, 02:28 PM
I would suggest to post some screenshots, nobody will download it if you not show some screens of your game... but it sounds good...

02 February 2008, 08:40 PM
i guess :)
i'll try that and see what happens

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