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04 April 2003, 03:50 PM
I have a character that I rigged and animated but left the texturing for later due to time constraints(a playblast of the animation was due for class). Now I am going back and texturing the environtments but heres the problem: the character is animated and not textured in several scenes. I textured her in my first scene/shot and it was a total pain, which cannot be redone on each character in each of my 5 scenes. I need to bake? (i guess?) the animation curves of the animated untextured character and then apply them to the unanimated textured version. Is this right? How do I do that(maya's help file was not very detailed in its explanation of how to use these)?Or is there a better way of doing what I need? Basically I need to get the animation off of the untextured model and put it on the textured one, which I have imported into those scenes. Thanks in advance.


04 April 2003, 03:55 PM
I believe you can just do transfer UV's from the textured to untextured model. Polygons>transfer options and just keep UV sets checked. That might work. Your untextured model (w/ animation) should pick up the UV set from the textured unanimated model.

04 April 2003, 04:35 PM
can you elaborate a little? I didnt uv the model, i pretty much just applied my textures to either specific polys or full geometry pieces(like the pants are all one piece of geometry). Or maybe thats the same as what you mean? I suck at uv'ing and havent really done much so im in the dark a little. Thanks for the reply though! :)


04 April 2003, 01:44 AM
Why don't you make your character into a CHARACTER and then create the clips in the Trax Editor.
Then you can transfer the motion from the non-textured model to the textured model.

That may do the work :beer:

04 April 2003, 03:48 AM
I have never used the trax editor nor do i know how to make my character into a CHARACTER. Can you go into a little detail on how to do this? Also maybe elaborate a little on the process of making my motion work in the trax editor. Thanks for the reply! :)


04 April 2003, 04:42 AM
alias|wavefront includes a help file for a reason:

go to help > library > using maya > animation > Nonlinear Animation > Using the Trax Editor

04 April 2003, 03:32 AM
Constructive posts only please. While the help file will help some, it will not specifically describe the process that nemirc specified nor will it tell me what he meant by make my character a CHARACTER. I asked the questions that I did because an experienced user will be far more helpful than the help file ever will be. And an experienced user can help describe the method to why as well as how.

I will read up on the trax editor so I know what it is, but in the future dont just tell someone to look in the help file. Thats not why these boards are here.


04 April 2003, 03:45 AM
I will read up on the trax editor so I know what it is, but in the future dont just tell someone to look in the help file.
so, you asked for him to elaborate before you even tried on your own?

i doubted you looked at the help file before saying gimme' gimme because if you did you would have seen that on the very first page on using the trax editor it also gives you the link to character creation. the right thing to do would have been to look at the help file first and then ask specific questions when you get stuck. instead... you wanted someone to do it for you.

I asked the questions that I did because an experienced user will be far more helpful than the help file ever will be.
yes these boards are for those seeking help but they are also for people who are willing to help themselves. nemirc gave you a push in the right direction. if you need someone to give you a step by step on the process all you needed to do was open up the help file and read up on how it works.

20 minutes. all it would take you to read that chapter is 20 minutes.

-mental :surprised

02 February 2005, 10:06 AM

U can export ur animation n import them in the new file where u'll hv ur textured character.

To do so u have to go to Windows> setting preferences > Plugin Manager n choose animImportExport

then go to File> Export Option window n Choose File Type anim

so u'll get ur all animated data then u can Import this data in ur textured character file. But be sure that ur character rig n all the hierarcies r same like the one from where u xported animation..

I hope this will help u.

But any one knows much about Character Sets so plss Help me..

Coz I made a human character defined character set n made some animation clips.
Now when Im taking those clips from the Visor window im not able to apply them on my character

n please send me the link if there is any good tutorial on it


02 February 2005, 04:40 PM
I've never used the animImportExport plugin but TRAX always gets the job done.

yanky, just like everything else in Maya there's no "easy" way to learn stuff. Here I attach an image with the create character settings that work for most situations. Notice that if you have custom channels (as in when you create keyable attributes for your rigs) you need to add those too (character\add to character set).

For our current project I used TRAX to combine walk clips for the upper and lower part of the body and create a wide variety of different walk styles. You can not only make your full rig a character but only part of it (I have two sets, one for the upper part and other for the lower part).

rahul, what do you mean you can't apply them to your character?

Cheers :beer:

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