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01 January 2008, 03:09 PM

I have completed a short animation during my free time from working.
Comments are welcome.

01 January 2008, 07:41 PM
Great stuff! Really nicely animated, and love the idea!

01 January 2008, 06:56 AM
Loh Wong Loon,

Awesome animation test man! There are some great moments in this test! The part where the motorbike guy is getting up off the ground is really cool, this prolly my favorite part - the bend in his body and way he pushes himself up looks Nice! Keep that stuff up! Here are my suggestions for some of the other areas that could be improved upon!

I would also keep the characters arm/hand behind that grabs the briefcase. At first viewing I didn't know exactly what happen till he hit the ground. By dragging the his hand behind - right from where he grabs the case - the audience will be able to read that moment better. Right now it looks more like the biker character got "cloth lined" off the bike. Rather then being jerked off the bike because of the weight of the case. Play that bit up.

When the Biker Guy flips off the bike. There's something funny happening in the air there. His body doesn't look fluid and nice. You need to watch this moment here and really make sure it's smooth and silky looking. This could be another really awesome moment! A good way to catch the mistake is to keep your eye on the character LEFT LEG. It whips up - hit a point - holds there for a beat - then straightens out - holds again - then starts moving around. You need to have one smooth motion - dragging and reacting to the characters body. The arc of the center or mass of the whole character - in the air - needs to be very graceful. The UP and DOWN should be nicely timed. Think of it like a ball being tossed up into the air - it's a graceful up - slight pause - then drop down. Focus on the body first - then get the arms and legs and everything to drag and pull behind in reaction to the body.

When the Bike Character hits the ground that's pretty nice. I like the way he hits and slumps onto the floor. The bounce and recoil in the legs is good. There's a slight hold, very good. And then his hand moves and positions on the ground to push himself up. I would slow down this hand movement... the dude just got SLAMMED. I would get into the character a little more here... think about how you would feel after a harsh landing like that! He should almost drag his forwards and then slap his palm on the floor... thump. Then have him stagger abit to get up. Try it out - you will the character come to live abit more.

When the Biker guy spots the case on the ground after getting up. He jumps over there - this is cool. But you need a better anticipation before he moves. Have his arms go up alittle more - hands pop open - and then slam his hands down on the case - this will also add some spice to that GRABBING action. Right now it's hard to read it... because the arms/hands are hard to read because they are covered by his body.

The pulling actions on the case are pretty neat. Try gettin his feet to slip alittle more... if you pulling on something that hard.. your feet are bound to start slipping forwards from the force! This will also look more realistic for his body... the body will have to react to the feet slipping and picking and replanting and getting position.

When the character drops the case from not being to hold it any longer. He slumps over and starts breathing really hard. This is pretty cool. But watch how his head settles... it just stops and remains kinda stiff. Loosen that head up - get some overlap and secondary to it. Keep it alive!

The rest up until the blind character walks forwards to get his case back is pretty neat and funny to. The blind characters walk could use more work tho. He looks very stiff - his but/hips look locked. Loosen them up - get some slight up and down and rotational weight shifting as he steps. And again, when he reaches down for the case, anticipate with his body and hand before he reaches down. This will make add more life to character and read better on screen. Keep it all silky and loose!

That's about it! Hope I didn't add to many thoughts ;) Your test looks really good and with some cleanup you have a Solid Demo Reel Piece with this one! Make it happen! I'd love to see the updates if you do go back to improve it. The lighting looks pretty cool to :) What software did you use for this? -D

01 January 2008, 02:40 PM
:bounce: Thanks! David.

You are rocking my day! :buttrock:
Cannot believe you will put comments on my stuff...
I will definitely work things out from your comments!


01 January 2008, 03:29 PM
really nice animation!!! cool idea!

difficult to give more comments after DavidWeinstein. :)
looking forward to see the updated animation!

02 February 2008, 11:03 PM
i really like your animation style. great poses, really appealing. when he starts breathing heavily after trying to lift the briefcase, i'd offset the head from the body. get a little overlap in there and it'll feel like he's a lot more worn out.

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02 February 2008, 11:03 PM
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