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04 April 2003, 09:47 PM
// Error: Cannot edit set membership since history node 'polyTriangulate1' modifies geometry topology. Change the Node State of the node to "HasNoEffect" to edit set membership. //

i get that error when trying to edit the membership of some of my joints. Can someone tell me what that error means, i'm not good with MEL and new to rigging.

04 April 2003, 12:41 PM
It means that you have done some deformer like skin or lattice or whatever to your object, which i am assuming is what you want to edit membership of. However then afterwards you also added a triangluate modeling change/command onto the history. Therefore the points you are seeing right now, aren't the same or same # as the ones you had when you did the deformation.

So in order to adjust the deformer, you'll have to remove/disable the poly triangulate stuff. You can either remove that, or delete it, or as another opton disable it by doing "Has No Effect" on its blocking state. And then set it back to normal when done.

Click your object, go to the attribute editor, and then find the tab for the polytriangulate. You may also be able to do all this by just clicking on it's name in hte channel box. Then change the state from normal to "has no effect"...which will disable it. Then edit your membership. When done, set it back to normal.

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