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01 January 2008, 06:18 PM
Hello I am working on a brief for my college in which I will be creating an animation of a Pen that wants to get used by its owner but often doesnt because the owner keeps using his computer for everything. The pen countinually looks on day after day night after night till one day the owner reaches for the pad of paper then grabs the pencil sitting next to the pen and uses it to write down a quick phone message. The pen gets so angry the suddenly it explodes and spills ink all over the inside of the pen holder.

Possible added ending is that the pencil is smug having been used and while it is basking in pride a wacom pen is sat down next to it, and the pencil looks at the wacom pen with a worried look!

Please feel free to comment on this idea. I am working on this brief with another person from my college named Kirill (Forum Name Knagornych, Hes from Lithuania) so you will see his inputs as well. :)

01 January 2008, 02:40 PM
Well we finally have a approved script for "The End of Pen" which is also now the official title. Feel free to comment :)

int; The Memories

(Establishing shot / Boom, Monochromatic Effect) Mountainous isles fill the inside of a major office supply store, with a sign in the foreground of the camera saying "Clearance Everything Must GO!".

(camera swoops down an isle and turns to the right) we see the almost empty pen section of the store, with one solo pen hanging on a peg.

(The camera dolly's in closer) to reveal that the packaging of the pen is dusty and inside, you see the pen looking around wide eyed and innocent like a puppy in the window of a pet store.

Suddenly a hand appears from Camera left and lifts the pen from its peg.


(Off Screen) ...Ah last one, can never have to many pens I say!


int; Pens Thoughts

Quick fade-in

(Establishing Shot, Full Color Film) of a home office which is cluttered with books and papers with a desk in full view. On the desk can be seen a Keyboard, mouse, monitor and desk caddy with various other office supplies including a Pen ,Pencil and Notepad. There is also a angle poise on the desk which is lighting up the keyboard.

(Medium Close-Up) Of Pen, he is hunched over as he starts to awake from a nap, he looks around the desk as normal, and starts to stretch. Stopping his gaze upon Notepad...

(Insert shot, Close-Up) of Notepad sleeping peacefully.

(Cut-Back, Close-Up) Pen looks at Notepad with a look of love and admiration. And then turns his gaze to the keyboard sitting on the desk, as his facial expression turns to hatred.

(Full Shot, OS-Pen) We see keyboard basking in the warm light of the angle poise.


int; The good old days

(Medium Shot, Monochromatic Film) Pen and Pencil are standing together in a now new looking desk caddy, when the sound of a door opening causes Pen and Pencil to pep up and look alert. Soon they are pushing each other in an attempt to jockey for best position in the caddy.

Eagerly they look up to see a hand reaching for them and grab pen lifting him from the caddy!

(Medium Close-Up) Pencil watches as he realizes that he wasn't chosen, and slumps back disgruntled watching Pen as he is being used to write a script on a pad of paper.

(Off Screen) the sound of mumbles can be heard as owner writes.

(Close-Up) of Pen's face shows him beaming from ear to ear with pride!


(Montage) Plays out of Pen continually getting picked for writing and Pencil watching on. As the montage plays on Pen starts to look more and more prideful.

(The Montage opens up to...)

(Medium Shot) Pen and Pencil are in the caddy again, Pen is leaning against the side of the caddy in a "Fonz" pose looking very full of himself. While pencil is in the background looking broken in spirit and sad.

The sound of the door again, only this time Pencil doesn't move. Pen moves from his lean in a cool fashion, lightly brushes himself off and looks up, with a sudden look of surprise.

(Full Shot, OS-Pen) Pen watches as the Owner places a keyboard down on the desk in front of him. Along with a mouse and Monitor.


int; Day after day

(Full Shot, OS-Pen, Full Color Film) The pen is still staring at the keyboard.

(Camera tracks around to the front of Pen changing to Medium Close-Up of Pens face during tracking) Pen has a look of jealousy and anger on his face, as the sound of the office door opening is once again heard breaking pen from his stare.

(Medium Shot) Pen excitedly hopes over to the wall of the caddy and looks into a mirror hanging there. On the wall can be seen tick marks of several days gone past and a drawn poster of Pen looking unnaturally happy with the words "Today could be your lucky day" written on it.

Pen winks at himself in the mirror and gives himself a gun gesture at the same time, and then hops back to the front of the caddy. While in the background pencil who is reading a newspaper looks up at pen and shacks his head in disapproval.

(Close-up of Pens face) Pens hopeful face follows Owner who is off screen as he sits down and then starts typing away on the keyboard. Pens face changes from hope to a sickly blank stare. His face is drawn and his eyes are glassed over.

Time slows down and the sound of the keyboards keys clacking slow till each one is like thunder cracking in the ears of Pen.

(Extreme Close-Up) Looking into Pens eyes as each thunder clap causes his left eye to twitch while the right eye stares blankly at the camera.

(Close-Up Pens Face)A phone is heard ringing which doesn't immediately come to Pens attention. When Owner stops typing to answer the phone is when Pen is slightly shaken from his insanity.


"Hello.. Yes... OH thats good news! Um (rushing) Ok Let me write this down.."

Pen hears the conversation and his face lights up! In his excitement he turns to look at Pencil who...

(Medium Shot)... is being lifted from the caddy to be used!

int; the end of pen

(Medium Close-Up) Pen follows Pencil as he is lifted away, till he is facing the camera. His eyes starts to twitch and his anger starts to build...

(Camera slowly starts to Dolly away from Pen to a Wide Shot of the whole office, Owner with his back to the camera sitting at his desk still on the phone) As the camera Dolly's out we see Pens anger turn to rage and the whole desk caddy starts to shake with his now uncontrollable rage till suddenly (with a little pop and bing sound) Pen explodes splattering ink all over the wall of his caddy slot. The metal tip of pens clicker lands and bounces in front of the camera.


"Oh no my pen just exploded!, I wasn't using it, but it sure made a mess..."(conversation continues, and fades)


int; Pencils are not excluded

Quick Fade-in

(Medium Shot) Some time has past, and we see Pencil leaning against the wall of his caddy in the exact same "Fonz" pose that Pen was in earlier. He hears the door open and he moves from his lean in a cool fashion, lightly brushes himself off and looks up, with a sudden look of surprise.

(Full Shot, OS-Pencil) Pencil watches as the Owner places a new Wacom Tablet down on the desk in front of him.

(Medium Shot) Pencil turns suddenly to see the Wacom Pen being placed in the caddy with him, The Wacom Pen turns to Pencil and give a nice smile. Pencil falls back against the wall of the caddy frozen in horror!


The ENd!

01 January 2008, 08:08 PM
Hello here is some charector sketches of the pen.. This isnt the end all, be all of the choices this is just one page worth. Please feel free to comment

01 January 2008, 09:29 AM
Hi Chris, These emotions chart is very good. I decided to post here skecthes I have done for this project. Maybe you'll pick something up from them.

01 January 2008, 09:30 AM
some more sketches

02 February 2008, 06:01 PM
well this idea for an short animation will not be continued. We had come up with two ideas for the brief that we were doing and this idea didnt get the vote from the class so we will be making our other story called Hungry Shoe. Which we have a thread here on CG Society for. stay tuned into that one for updates on it! :)

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