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View Full Version : quickie (2hr) sketch critique please

04-27-2003, 08:53 AM
I got bored and started doodling in a blank file...

this was the 3rd sketch... (after about 5 minutes) I liked it so I worked on it some more...

I like it although it is not finished just a random doodling...

I am trying to improve my umm form building with shading and highlights and whatnot...

in the land of my mind all was well before a visit to Mr. the seal's website.. Then I felt sooooo... umm inadequate so i have been doing a lot of "I suck" sketches trying to reassure myself.

anyway tell me what you think how can I improve at making forms umm distinguishable? i don't know how to phrase what Iím thinking... oh well ill put this out there and see what you think :)


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