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01 January 2008, 02:18 PM
greeting everyone,part of my final project again

the concepts of eastern storyline

anything for the works is welcome :)

eunuch,a 9 heads demon

demon form 1

demon form 2

final demon form

zombie soldier no.1

zombie soldier no.2

zombie soldier no.3

please leave something for me,anything u think about them

thank you very much =)

01 January 2008, 04:55 PM
Basic Anatomy.

Your heads are all too small for the bodies. Some exceptionally so. By comparison, you've painted the legs and feet of almost all of them way too large. Basic Anatomy. There are countless threads here, and across the web for body proportions. Even stylized and exaggerated, these simply look too out of proportion, and hurt your efforts.

Get your anatomy straight before you spend all those hours on costuming and detailing.

Unless you're specifically going for this tree-legged/tiny head look. Then you need to state so upfront, so that the viewer will understand that it is deliberate, rather than just poor technical execution.

The costumes are nice, the details good. But the goofy giant legs with tiny head thing just doesn't do it for me.

01 January 2008, 12:34 PM
Leaving technique for now and focussing on design.

I wonder if you went for middle eastern or full on asian? since I think we have a matter of cultural exchange here.

Some of the characters seem very european/ middle ages (zombie soldier 2 and 3)
an other very asian (demon form 1)
and the eunuch has a middle eastern feel but the hat reminds me of those pirate style legionnaires.

demon form 2 hasn't really any cultural reference as far as I can see, it's very fantasy though and demon form 3 seems to be floating... since it's feet don't support its weight and the chains are all very loose so they cannot supprt him either... so what is going on there?

So design wise you are going all over the place... The zombies do have a cosistent look to them, so besides them not feeling that asian, there is nothing wrong but the demon isn't really recogniseable as beeing the same in different forms. And the eunuch is too military for my liking... they were pure servants and not only that but also serving the women, so the look would be better if it was more feminine and dressed, with which I mean dressed up and not practical... besides being able to do lots of bowing.

So advice for the next time would be to try and set out a period (or multiple if you can combine them all the time) and culture for all your designs or fractions and then look for images out of that culture and try to recreate some of the styles you have found... and maybe read up on background with some (like the enuch).
And try to be consistent in them. For instance keeping the shoulder horns from demon one and aplying them to demon two and three would help greatly to show they are the same in different forms.

Hope you found this helpfull. Looking forward to the next batch!

01 January 2008, 05:29 AM
thanks for the comments,quite helpful =P

next time i will be careful on those problems u mentioned above

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