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04 April 2003, 10:51 PM
Hey folks,

I got a client that wants me to change the color of an actor's shirt from blue to white. He's laying on the floor in the shadows.

Any ideas would be appreciated cause I'm not sure how to do this. the shirt has many wrinkles and has many shadows over it so it's blends in the shadows of the carpet he's laying on.

Thanks for your help.


04 April 2003, 01:15 AM
Extremely quick and dirty, (not paying much attention to the compression artifacting) but....

draw selection, Discreet Color Corrector.

With some tweaking it could be much nicer. :thumbsup:

04 April 2003, 01:26 AM
With in the color corrector what sorts of things are you changing?

Alan Bell :bounce:

04 April 2003, 01:54 AM
Hrmmm...didnt save the workspace.

You could also draw the selection, then slap a "Gray" operator on it, and then brighten to taste.

04 April 2003, 02:06 AM
I guess what I'm responding to is that it seems to look like a grey shirt when I desaturate it in the color corrector. Then again I guess a white shirt in the shadows would look grey.

There is a scene prior to this that the client wants me to bid on, where the actor is in a white shirt. It looks alot better taking the white shirt and adding blue than it does taking the blue shirt and making it white.

I just don't know enough about color to understand why. I guess it's just my perception.

basically I've got two jobs to bid on... one with a white shirt that's about 1600 frames of rotoscoping or the other in blue with about 1000 frames of rotoscoping. They will do one or the other. I just need to make sure I way cost with end result.

Thanks a lot for your response and help I appreciate it.

Alan Bell

04 April 2003, 06:46 AM
hi alan,
just a quick stab here,used selections\gamma\pedestal\gain:bounce:

04 April 2003, 06:56 AM
hi Alan,
sorry i forgot to add the picture

04 April 2003, 08:54 AM
Isolate and desaturate the shirt. Adjust the Midtone and Highlights only (gain and a little on the gamma.

04 April 2003, 05:52 PM
Thanks everyone for you help.

I appreciate it.

Alan Bell:thumbsup:

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