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01 January 2008, 10:10 AM
On second thought i created a page for this on the CG Talk WIKI ( (after all thats exactly what it was created for) and filled it with the first informations posted here.
Please feel free to add to that page instead of posting here.

To keep that page usefull please stick to the rules posted below:

What belongs on that WIKI page?

Information with which versions of CINEMA 4D a plugin works
Information on which plattforms a plugin works
What does NOT belong there?

Discussions on plugins and their compatibility (use the WIKI discussions or this forum for this if neccesary)
Requests for compatibility information
Postings on other plugins or applications that are not directly connected to CINEMA 4D
Announcements of new plugins
Information on not yet released plugins
If you add to the WIKI please keep the description brief so it is easy to find.