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01 January 2008, 01:44 PM

Iam trying to get the dropCallback functionallity working for a textScrollList, with no real success. The idea is that the user should be able to drag n drop commands from the script editor like when you drag n drop to shelves. But i cant get my callback defined function to run at all.

I did find a older thread about this that which stated that you need a -dpc command for the actual layout object you want to be able to drag to. And you also need a -dgc command from the source, so to speak. Which makes sense, but, if that is case. Since you can drag n drop to shelves i assume that the scripteditors windows is already setup so there is a "sourcepointer", so to speak, for the drag n drop thingy. However, i cant really get it work at all? Anyone know anything regarding this?


01 January 2008, 08:26 AM
did look for this one ?

hope it helps..

01 January 2008, 11:38 AM
AKAI: Nope, i hadnt read that one. Thanks for the info. Though, after some modification of my procedures it stil doesnt work. At least not from the scripteditor window, which kinda was the whole point in the first place.

My guess is that the scripteditor falls under the category of windows that does not support the dragcontrol/dropcontrol setup. Anyone that can confirm/deny this?


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01 January 2008, 11:38 AM
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