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01 January 2008, 07:42 AM
ok hope this now works, this is a post I made a while back, it should load with the pic now. Thanks CG admin for fixing the issue.

This is an abstract interpretation of a ballerina's last dance.

Look at the image for a while before reading on. There is no order specifically to look at. You might want to look at the higher resolution for this to make sense. You can also look at specific parts of the image and a story starts to unfold.

I'll now explain what I saw in this image and why I made it this particular way.

I first saw the ballerina since it is the closest object to the camera, twirling not so much in a peaceful manner but instead more in a state of desperation with many different poses etc.

I then looked at the background, which looks like white blobs. You might need to zoom in or look at the higher resolution. If you stare at this section for a while, you might end up noticing that the blobs are actually people’s clothing and their heads are mostly the black empty space. The black empty space symbolizes that they have no interest – as in their minds are blank. If you continue to look, you might notice that almost all of them are turned to their sides talking to each other and some even standing up or are about to stand up.

I then noticed the black rose which symbolizes death, or finale, no more etc. Around the rose you can see the curtains closing with a bit of a motion and Gaussian blur. The color red symbolizes love. I’ve got two meanings for this symbolism. The curtains are closing in front of the audience showing that their love for the ballet dance/dancer is coming to an end. Also the 2nd meaning is the ballet dancer has forgotten how to love what she does which ties in with her no longer being an interest to the audience if her own heart is not in what she does.

That’s my interpretation. I guess art always has it’s own meaning to people based on what they can see and get from it.

Hope you like it.

I noticed a bit of color banding at the bottom of the image, but let’s just say that it is wooden planks because it is a stage. If I keep re-rendering then I won’t be able to make any new work.


(Modeled in Maya, composited in photoshop).

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01 January 2008, 07:42 AM
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