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01 January 2008, 01:45 AM
This is a little project for a little contest at Facepunch Studios. I wanted to use this as an exercise in learning how to generate highpoly normal maps for a low poly model.

Here's what I've got so far...


But I hit a bit of a snag when it comes to the normal map...

I'm using Maya and Mudbox...anybody know what's going on here?

01 January 2008, 05:45 AM
Take a look at the source mesh's uv map and the target's uv map. It looks like the low-poly mesh has some bad uv's.
good luck

01 January 2008, 06:57 AM
Yeah, seems like unmapped polygons. I know you are using Maya, but i get such a result in Max, when i activate the Normalmap-Option "Use autoamic unwrap" - maybe there is an equal option in Maya?!

01 January 2008, 04:34 PM
Well your UV map is just bad, but that should still work. My guess is your way of making the normal map used the low poly model's UVs AND the high poly model's UVs and tried to match them...thus drawing lines from polygon to polygon. I'd make sure the program only uses the low poly model's UV map and nothing else.

I never used Maya for normal maps, so I couldn't tell you specifically what to do, but just to be on the safe did put both models in the same place, right?

01 January 2008, 08:03 PM
My workflow:

- I created the low poly model in Maya.
- I unwrapped the model in Maya.
- I exported the low poly mesh from Maya in obj format.
- I opened the model in Mudbox and sculpted it.
- I saved the Mud file then went to Operations> texture baking> new operation.
Then I started the operation.

Dunno if any of this helps.

01 January 2008, 11:45 PM
I've never used Mudbox but all those settings look fine. The "search distance" is the only thing you could try playing with. I assume that's like the adaptive box in Max which defines how far the rays should shoot.

If anything, I'd try saving an instance of the low poly model (level 0) then the high poly one (level 4) then loading them both into the low and high poly places in that menu. If that doesn't work then I don't know what the problem is but you could try making the normal map in Maya instead of Mudbox...there should be lots of tutorials for that online.

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01 January 2008, 11:45 PM
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