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04 April 2003, 09:57 AM
okay here we go again....
rpf and lw.....

first the "coverage" (its responsible for the object edges) option is not working properly (it looks like a standard alpha map).
"coverage" is important for smoothing object edges when using fog or dof in postproduction.

second i am rendering a scene that saves rpf images over the network (using lightnet). each rendernode seems to give a different object-id to the objects
rendernode A renders image#1 shows a box that has id#1
rendernode B renders image#2 and the box has the id#56

so its completely useless...or impossible to use lws rpf in any post-production software like digital-fusion or combustion....
because in every frame the object id is changing.

can anybody confirm this or maybe have a solution????

thanks in advance..

bye andras

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04 April 2003, 10:45 AM
Hi there.

The only instance where I have found buffers not to work is on transparancy.

One thing I do recall concerning *all* post effects, they have a tendency to invalidate buffers so it is best to leave everything to post and not apply anything in LW from my experience.

I use Digital Fusion 4 to manipulate the buffers from the newer RPF saver.

Damn you can do some magical things with RPF if the program is up to it.

For the Amigans it is like the old LW Image FX filter, now interactive on steroids. Makes Photoshop manipulation look like a toy.


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