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01 January 2008, 12:57 AM
This is an assignment i have for school. Sidestep.
Right now just blocking
CC welcome

01 January 2008, 06:12 AM
It looks pretty good. One thing that I noticed at first was that the step seems kind of wide. Almost too wide for the anticipation that the waist gives. The knee turns inward on frame 10 and breaks the momentum of the step. Maybe the knee could begin being turned inward as the foot raises and then turn outward for the step.
Also, the rhythm and of the steps seems pretty even, aside from the last step of his left foot ending abruptly. You might want to consider adding a few more frames so he could ease back into the standing pose. I would recommend acting it out and seeing if your feet all move at the pace you have animated to. I tend to think that they wouldn't.

Here's a great tip also:
On this forum, it gives you instructions for adding a frame counter to your playblasts so it is easier to pinpoint issues and verify that we are speaking the same language. Works great for me!

Good luck. Its looking good!

01 January 2008, 06:16 AM
I really like it. Looking forward to seeing it splined.

01 January 2008, 03:10 PM
Here it is splined.
This is final version for submitting to school, but of course artists work is never done so any critique appreciated.

CC welcome.

01 January 2008, 04:12 PM
Yes, you right.. animation is never be done... it's only been abandoned. :D
From the way I saw it, your work is great! Only one thing, well, two things that catch my eyes. His toes seems like an appendages, it's too flappy in the end of the step. maybe just because you made it turn down on frame 40-41.
The other thing is the contact pose (23), IMO its like he want to walk normally, instead of side step. as you can see the left leg pointing to his left side, and his right leg, ouch.. its broken! maybe you can make his left foot and his hips facing more to camera, and try not to break his right ankle :D.

Well, that's just my opinion, afterall it's your final shot, yes??

Keep animating, and keep it up good!

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01 January 2008, 04:12 PM
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