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01 January 2008, 02:08 PM
Does anyone know if I can convert an editable mesh to editable poly without modifying the existing geometry?

I have a single face in which I've created 1 vert and all edges connected to that vert are invisible. Everytime i collapse to an editable poly the vert dissapears.

Any help much appreciated.

01 January 2008, 02:37 PM
Try to make two of those edges visible before collapsing, if I understand your problem right.

01 January 2008, 03:09 PM
Ah yes, that is what I tried to do.

I'm cutting 2 verts into a face using meshop.divideFace. which makes all new edges visible. But doesnt always create an edge between the newly created verts.(which is what I need) I want to keep the resulting mesh tidy so I do some code to hide all the new edges. Then i want to create an edge between those new verts using polyOp.cutVert.

Another reason why I make edges invisible is because I dont want to add more verts than the ones I have created. using polyOp.cutVert will cut through visible edges and add verts on intersection. (or does it not matter if they're invisible?)

Is there perhaps an easier way of creating an edge between the new verts?


01 January 2008, 02:43 PM
I've been playing around and think the CUT command sort of does what i want. But does any one know how to get it to work?

This is what I copied from the listener output but does not work in a script:
$.modifiers[#Edit_Poly].SetOperation #Cut
$.modifiers[#Edit_Poly].StartCut #Face 1 [0,0,0] [0,0,1]
$.modifiers[#Edit_Poly].EndCut [1,1,0]
$.modifiers[#Edit_Poly].Commit ()

01 January 2008, 01:35 PM
Hi again,

I've managed to get the command working but for some reason I cant specify the cut properly.

Ive got a quad in a top view with the bottom left vert at 0,0 and top right vert at 1,1 and an edit poly modifier applied. Units are in meters and the quad is 1 by 1 meter.

When I try to cut between test1 and test2, nothing happens. but when I cut between test3 and test4, (recorded from listner) it seems to work fine.

Max Modify
test1 = (point3 0.191948 0.925194 0)
test2 = (point3 0.521948 0.815194 0)
test3 = (point3 -69.9336 88.9717 0)
test4 = (point3 -69.6278 88.7848 0)

$.modifiers[#Edit_Poly].StartCut #Face 1 test1 [0,0,1]
$.modifiers[#Edit_Poly].SetCutEnd test2

The cut function seems to be ignoring the world units. Is it using screen coordinates?

any ideas?

01 January 2008, 05:58 PM
Try using Turn to Poly and then convert to Editable Poly.<Turn_to_Poly>.removeMidEdgeVertices Boolean default: true -- boolean; Remove_Mid_Edge_Vertices

When set to true (default), vertices in the middle of an edge will be removed automatically.-Eric

01 January 2008, 09:12 AM
Thanks for that. I've tried it but that only keeps the verts if they're on an edge. I've got a combination of edge verts and mid face verts.

Basically if I could get the cutstart and cutend to work on a Poly object I'd be more than happy as that is exactly what I need.


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01 January 2008, 09:12 AM
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