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04 April 2003, 06:02 PM
Does anyone know how to (in photoshop) make a change to multiple images ie - a sequence of images from 1-300 ie filename1.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,, filename300.jpg . In photoshop or image ready .

Is it possible to say, apply a filter to a range of images in photoshop ..... or mabye apply a little blur or colour saturation and then have it (batch) render the whole sequence from 1 - 300.

Ideas ??? :applause:

04 April 2003, 06:37 PM
yea, its called an "action" in photoshop. You record a process of steps and then you replay them on a sequence of images. There is an action dialog box.

04 April 2003, 07:20 PM
Yeah, Action and Batch =) .. you find Batch under File|Automate ..

04 April 2003, 08:38 AM
Make sure you have another copy of all your images saved somewhere else first. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong, but I've had no end of headaches with the batch function in photoshop.

04 April 2003, 11:50 AM
Great that is very usefull thank you .... wow more toys to play with now. Ps you have to create an action and record your actions including the saving of the file and then create a droplet under File which u save to ... say your desktop and then drag the picture or folder that you want to automaticly be colour corrected . Wow so usefull .

04 April 2003, 11:52 AM
Ive got this one down to a t if anyone needs help on it then post a reply here or email me ill send you tutorial on it that ive just done (not webed yet)

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