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04 April 2003, 03:08 AM
Fantasy/Celtic/Mystical (and, although I hate to say it, Tolkien-ish) adventure/rpg project is looking for people who LOVE what they do, can be dedicated to the project for at least a year, and want to create excellent work for their portfolio.

2D Artists:
Character Concepts and Costume Designers - Young adult female lead, her family, Celtic-looking Humans, Forest Elves, Court Faeries, Hill Giants, craggy-looking Dwarves, regal Giant Snow Eagles, Welsh Ponies... ranger-type clothing, poor people clothing and farmer clothing of celtic times, flowing Galadriel-like robes, merchants' clothing, etc.
Animal and Plant concepts - chipmunk, songbirds, crows, pigeons, strange plants, deer, etc.
Weapon and Item concepts - swords, shields, axes, daggers, quarterstaffs... food, waterskins, torcs, armbands, jewelry and boxes, potion bottles, feather, books, etc.
World, Building, and Furniture concepts - cave, forest, hills, large craggy hills, eagle mountain, paths, broken stone walls, farmwagon, etc.

2D/3D Artists:
Character portraits
Interface (from concept)
Promotional materials for fans

3D Artists:
Create the items and/or scenes that were sketched in the concepts.

I want really gorgeous high quality art with a feeling of aliveness and mysticism to it. Celtic knotwork design is a plus in a 2D artist, fascination with both medieval times and fantasy a definite for all!

This project is an experiment to see if a really high-quality game can be made on a volunteer basis. The final res will be 800x600, and the art will be prerendered. The game engine we have chosen is the Wintermute engine, and supports alpha transparency and 3D acceleration for effects. The admin/programming team is constructing an online repository for game content and tasks so that all team members can know what's going on.

The first parts of the game will be available as a free download, and the later parts will possibly be available for pay. Depending on sales, artists will be paid in money, however at this time I have not decided in a final way whether the game will be commercial or not... If there are sales, people will get paid according to how much work they did. If there are not sales, which is quite likely, people will be paid in enjoyment and the satisfaction of creating something amazing.

The project is currently in pre-development, but needs art to put into the engine for testing. Examples of current concept art will be available in the gallery soon.

If you think you have what it takes: check out and if you like what you see, click on "contact us" or send the Admin a private message through that site.

Please give a link to your online portfolio, or give your email address so that I may contact you for a sample of your work.
Anyone accepted on a trial basis will be given a test assignment, and the results of that assignment will determine if they are a member of the team and get further assignments.

Thank you.

04 April 2003, 03:47 AM
what program are the final renders going to be in

04 April 2003, 05:08 AM
Character portraits will probably be done in Poser and then Photoshopped so it doesn't look so Poser, but might be done in any 3D program.

Portraits will be more like an artistic poster of the character, with a background symbolizing their personality, station in life, role in the game, preferred element, etc. Almost like a psychic impression.

Actual character models for animation into sprites will need to be importable into 3dsmax, as we have one animator already who uses that program. He isn't too good at modeling but can animate pretty well.

For the scenes and scene items, again, as long as it looks good, it doesn't really matter once it's rendered, if you want to do a complete scene. Though it should probably be Max again for consistency. We have one scene artist who got a contract in another town for a couple of months, so he's on vacation from this project for a while (paid work is definitely the priority), but he uses Max and is good.

Since there's a lot of terrain and a fixed viewpoint (north is the top of the screen), a lot of the trees and stuff will be textured planes.

What would you be most interested in helping with?

(I have to say I'm not an artist, so any suggestions for how to handle the work would be appreciated.)

04 April 2003, 02:36 AM
Note - I am currently doing:
Concept art, even though I'm not that great (look in the gallery and see for yourself!)
Textures - I'm actually better at this than at concept art. ;)
Music (all the music, I'm definitely half-decent in this area)
Writing (most of the writing for story, dialogues, quests, events, etc...)
Gameplay design (combat and skills, magic is done by a team member already)
Building a php/mysql system with one other person to keep track of what is done and what still needs to be done, and who did what, so everyone gets proper credit

There are a couple of members who can do art already, and we are using some textures and modules from Virtually Historical with their permission.

Right now, to begin testing, we need:
1 interface
1 scene
1 character sprite
2 character portraits
7 items

We have half-decent concept art for:
4 exterior scenes
1 interface

The engine accepts *.tga files with an alpha channel, so it really doesn't matter what program is used to make the scenes, as long as it looks good. Character animation will probably be in Max, so items the Hero will handle will need to be in *.3ds

05 May 2003, 10:45 PM
We now have two 3D artists, one of whom is doing sketches for items, small models, and scenes. The other is working on the interface art.

Character artist(s) are still needed. We can't make the sprites and portraits until we have some good concept art. (My sketches are REALLY not that good.)


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