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12 December 2007, 06:19 PM
( are shapes and forms that the human mind cannot calculate...and are therfore impossible to paint...sculpt...or draw...but on the frontier...we can make alliances with higher forms of mathematics...even if other might consider this blasphemy...and view me as a heretic...but I must heed the call...I must ride the wave...this is the portrait of one touch up in brushstrokes...just me...and my emotional charges math processor.

12 December 2007, 07:17 PM
Hmmm.. Looks like suspiciously like a standard loaf of Ghost-Bread! My local haunted grocery store has a ton of those!

...But there's a fallacy in your wording... in this 2D image representation, this rectangle containing colors at coordinates, there is nothing 3d can do that a human cannot.

Besides, your just presenting an accumulation of other people's work in math, coding, and computational device development, and saying "ok, why not?" to a particular result it gives you. Not much depth to that idea.

12 December 2007, 08:32 PM
first off while you are free to express your sarcasm and your humor...there is no fallacy in my wording...and after studying for about fifteen years in digital media....I find fault with your critique in general.

here is why:

I had a director in multimedia and virtual reality in graduate school...and he said something very profound....non of this was *true* computer art if one didnt write the code...from the ground up...and so there was a special department for computer art that focused on strictly installations.

I see computer graphics tools as instruments...similar to musical who gives a frak about other peoples accumulations of math theories and algorithms....I am the guy making and massaging what I consider to be MY message out of that...not theirs...besides...writes and algorithm doesnt make you an artist...neither does making a liquid sim...its usually more about your motivation behind doing so...

so all the images that photoshop, maya, after effects, zbrush...have the same eternal debt of gratitude...for prefabricated programmed interactive environments...our should we all code a fractal or a program or an be valid....

or should we all INCLUDING YOU *yoshimitsu* (what work do you have?) just focus on giving as much as we can to the competition in a positive way.

so why dont you take your sarcasm *yoshimitsu* to EVERY ENTRY and say the same thing...because your critique is based on an ignorance to digital media...vs...sincere feedback on art and design.

and yes I need digital technology to do so...and if you could actually look into the true history on would see why.

and if you see a loaf of bread but I bet you couldnt make it yourself...and even if you could...thats YOUR spent your time on it, right? tuning the algorithm to the resolve that pleases you, right? and its your computer that you let render it...and previewing it over the course of 30 seconds to three hours...RIGHT...its yours...especially if the render to 36 hours...right...right...

just like someone who makes their image in another environment...
are you going to say programmers own their images...NOT...artists still INTERFACE with the environment that makes the images possible.

your sarcasm and critique seem to be based on a purity that is no longer applicable to computer art....



By the way...the computer does make it possible to realize visualizations normally impossible to realize with the human hand and eye.

this takes place in both the two dimensional three dimensional and fourth dimensional world...

here go to ( ;study theories of proceduralism

12 December 2007, 01:29 AM
Sir, I apologize.
Your odd initial posting somehow rankled -- the psuedo-poetics struck me as something akin to what a pompous english major would throw out having been overly impressed by intial experiences with some autogenerative imagery soft he got his hands on... I admit it was with a total lack of investigation or contemplation that I replied. It was a spontaneous testing of the waters, in a way, having not, as you point out, posted similarly in all (any) of the threads, or even looked at the challenge forum in over a week.

Now that i actually clicked on your name, and looked at your previous threads, I realize I've been seeing your work already, and have found value in it. This one, though, seems the weakest out of all. It really didn't occur to me that this was from the same person who made those others... It feels static in color and composition, overly centered and weighted to a ground that isn't there.. Your other images have interesting layered patterns which span and conglomerate, whereas the faint beginning of the pattern in this one goes nowhere -- stays contained in the "loaf". And your other pieces often create perceptual colors and translucenct solidities within the layering, and here is primarily a gradient of intensity/density... All of this goes instinctively against the feeling of the title "Transversal" Maybe that's a math term or something that's part of the fractal algorithm for this one, but to me, that word alone feels farther reaching than the image it's applied to. I'd say The Emerald Gate, or Red Light District have the feel of Transversal... this has the feel of Ghost Bread In The Oven.

12 December 2007, 04:25 AM
where is your work>>?

In the post I explained it was a singular an untouched 8k render.

next if you want to critique my work why dont you be a little more brave and show us some of YOUR work...

and thank you for letting me know that the title doesnt fit the your opinion....

but again yoshimitsu....

where is your work?

12 December 2007, 01:12 PM
wait for my thread. this is your thread. one of. make a few more while you're waiting.

12 December 2007, 01:51 PM
where is your work>>?

In the post I explained it was a singular an untouched 8k render.

next if you want to critique my work why dont you be a little more brave and show us some of YOUR work...

and thank you for letting me know that the title doesnt fit the your opinion....

but again yoshimitsu....

where is your work?

I agree that Yoshimitsus first reply wasn't one that was well thought through. But in the second reply he apoligises and gives critic, which you disagree with, but to give critic you don't have to prove you are better.

I'm not saying I could do an image like this or that I can't, but I still have an opinion on it.

My critic is not really about this image, it looks fine IMO, but I still think you should take the time and energy you put in to all your images and just put it into one. One fantastic image is alot better than 10 good ones.... IMO

12 December 2007, 02:25 PM
butI thought that we were allowed to put as many entries as we wanted...

anhow lets move on....time for more work....

12 December 2007, 03:30 PM
the reason I would ask to see work vs. words is simple....I would want to see your perspective on the NVart competition...

as per the compositions I am making...I took a year to develop my fractal libraries...and I also took time to review the problems I found with fractal work.

this wasnt so much an entry...but an example of a possibility of a fractal(portrait) in the singular sense...and how I seek to develop an abstract form language using fractals as a foundation.

this is not the only work I am capable of...but if the NV art competition says...

multiple submission allowed...we should throw everything and the kitchen sink at them....

and if people give rude critiques...then one should defend oneself and one's work...and of course...inquire to the creative affairs of the sources of the rude critique.

because its easy to surf a computer art forum and sling mud...because you are a nameless voice without representation...and you can chuckle and make fun of other peoples creative decisions...because your work is not up for show.

and sincerely yoshimitsu: I would like to see your work...not to laugh at you or make a cheesy comment a la format of revenge...but to help make your work stronger so you might have a chance at publication or winning the contest.

as well as to understand your perspective on abstract computer visualization.

good luck with your work...and be careful with your words...focus on being constructive on the image.

anyhow everyone have a great week!

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