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12 December 2007, 04:57 PM
( miss the days of Jackson Pollock...Jasper Johns...De seems to me that computer art and the painterly image has a long way to go...So when I saw the term abstract I took it to heart...I have been studying fractal forms for almost fifteen years...and I have a series of paintings to contribute...mostly realized in the year of 2007...All of them are rendered at extremely hi resolution...and focus on the color pattern and the suggestive movement the the fractals make as they overlap and interpenetrate on another...The goal is to insinuate dynamic, emotive movement with a still image.

12 December 2007, 05:14 PM
I like this one the most so far out of your submissions.

It has a very graphic feel. I can almost imagine seeing some typographical elements in some of the forms?

I would love to know more about your technique.

How are you producing these lovely fractals?

12 December 2007, 06:40 PM
thanks...I enjoy your work too.

First off when you want to use should spend time studying the history behind them...just to understand that they are based on math equations from the 19h century...thats right...people would get their degrees in mathmatics at one time for simply writing equations...most of which could not be solved...

so accept the computer as an indispensable calculator.


learn to embrace the software as a vehicle/instrument....I tend to see programs like apophysis in this regard...I drive myself to a landscape and begin to take photos of the algorithms....first at preview resolution and slowly working my way up to a higher resolution....the renders can take up to 36 hours...(i like 8K)

There are people who say anyone could do that in a few clicks of a mouse...

LOL...and then you see their attempts and the artistry is that is out there...

and it becomes obvious:

people who are into fractals rarely compound their talents with art history and traditional media awarenes vs. digital media awareness.

people who down fractals usually have a purist view towards digital media creation....they state the making fractals is like playing with a synthesizer....I say the same about all digital primary concern is to make good work with the instruments available to me...

back the process:

practice all the time and render families of fractals out....I call them my me they hold emotional content that I have contemplated via experiences....I render them out everyday...harvesting from 1-20 fractales in a day. this depends on the resolution and complexity.

and I accumulate these mathmatic snapshots over time.

I order them into form language and color vocabularies.

and then I begin to montaje in photoshop, painter, expression...and after effects....which is nice because I can see the montaje in three-d.


other considerations:

a) study art history....

b) we live in an industry more or less run by the demands of a hyper realistic virtual reality.

....I want more....

I want to control the fractal...but at the same time I sure as hell dont want to paint all those forms...and I dont want singular fractals to signify my style as an artist...also I will leave the equation writing to a programmer....its not like the guy who drives in the race car is the mechanic....and I am grateful to the programmers....and the mechanics...but I am an artist...I drive this vehicle way better than they we(at least that is what I should think)

heck I just like making these compositions because I want to see them large scale.


color theory

and a healthy respect for traditional media and digital media in all its formats.

12 December 2007, 10:37 PM
thanks, that is very insightful.

it is good to see someone who is so passionate about their work :)

12 December 2007, 05:59 AM
thank you...I am passionate about emotional calculus.

there was a time in academics when emotional HAD to be seperate from mathematics and aesthetics....I want to blend them....

in order to expand our periphery.

and of course see them printed large scale in a gallery someday.

thank you I appreciate it...fractal users get beat up alot for the procedures they are forced to adopt...and likely fractal users need a base of people who are interested in applying the tenets of fine art and design to the fractal aesthetic.

there is a LOT to be done, my friend...and we have to do it without the approval of a HUGE group of people that prejudge fractal work as pre-made....and that all fractal work seems the same....and usually the same people have use words...whose voice is LOUDER than the quality of their personal or collective work....

and they dislike fractals because they feel that it is "automatic" art work....

and I say:

without fascination...all art is more or less automatic....and tepid....when one is fascinated with the work....and the integration of the life experience with the *might* make something special that other appreciate as a cut above the creme de la creme....

but until then we must establish a frontier...for the fractals, mathematic visualization and simulation art geared towards art and design...
I want to make a good showing of work....and I would like to see more of the users make contributions....versus critiques on procedures....and accusations of spam...when I stayed up all night in my lab deliberating of what would make the best render....same as a user working on an architectural render...

yet the same amount of attention doesnt win the same respect in the fractal or visualization world.

and that is because most fractal users arent interested in design and composition...from what I have gathered...mind interest in art concern in the trajectories and tangencies of what they are participating in....

so I see this contest as more than a prize to be won by spam....I see it aas an opportunity to mediate different worlds that use the same technology for visualization...but there is a chasm in between them...

fractal work is not taken seriously...people see it as a "hobby" art. something that is done on "spare" time...and because the tools are free...even more so...hobby art...

I say "no more" on both sides...ignorant direct digital media painter need to respect the possible profundity of fractal work....and people who make fractals need to study illustration and fine art to properly put this artform into context...

sorry for the long ranty post...

but I need to stand up for the math...and the artists and craftsmen who find sanctuary inside of doesnt mean my work is the best...

but I love making it....and that is the what to compose....

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12 December 2007, 05:59 AM
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