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12 December 2007, 07:27 PM
First off, I would like to say I'm not sure if this is the BEST spot for this and if not someone please move it to the correct section.


I've been looking to further my experience in the motion graphics field by incorporating 3D elements to my work. The only problem is, I can't find a good set of tutorials to really show me what I need to do.

Time after time, I keep finding C4D tutorials that are bland, boring, or really hard to follow (Yes, even the ones posted here). I ended up compiling certain criteria (in my eyes) that are mandatory for producing good, efficient tutorials.


OryaN's Guide to Good Tutorials

[Video Tutorials > Text Tutorials]
Why? Video tutorials are much easier to follow then text. Not only that, but they're generally quicker to complete.

Why? Voice guided video tutorials give the audience a more comforting experience. You can also explain why you completed a certain action instead of leaving the audience guessing. Which brings me to the next step

Why? WYDINHYDI, typically referred to as "Why you do it, not how you do it." (I know, I made that term up... :) ) Many tutorials show you how something is done. Don't get me wrong thats what tutorials are supposed to do. But if you show the consumer why you did a certain action rather then just following a process, they will have a greater understanding of the tutorial and the program.

[Beginning to End]
Why? I absolutely hate it when tutorials only show you the majority of the work and not show you how they got their neat final result they lured you in with in the beginning. I find this typically done with tutorials that say "Just add Materials and Lighting and your done!" Gosh, I want to see how you got those materials and lighting!!!

Why? Easy enough... A clean presentation is always nice to have. An organized background and script give your tutorials a more professional feel.

[Tutorials of....]
Why? Personally, I want to see how to make the stuff you see in commercials, nice motion graphic artifacts or just cool things to further increase your skills. No one wants to waste their time following tutorial with an undesirable/unprofessional outcome.

Why? This may turn a few heads. Now, I've purchased a few tutorials and for the most part they turned out well... but, I still believe tutorials should be free on the internet.

An example of tutorials that fit this criteria
Andrew Kramer' tutorials via (
Not only does he fit as a great role model for tutorial makers he also fits the critera stated above. He generally adds a hint of humor, which is always a plus. I'm hoping to find someone like him but in the c4d field.

** With that said, I'm hoping to possibly get some help finding tutorials that follow this rubric or even encourage some tutorial makers to possibly make their tutorials greater. **

**I understand not everything is free... I don't mind paying for tutorials either. I think I've been lucky enough to endulge into Andrew Kramers tutorials, that everyone else's seem inadequate.If it makes anyone feel better, can you atleast point me in the direction for tutorials that fit the criteria just not free... I already have a Lynda Membership, so is there anything else?**

12 December 2007, 09:46 PM
my favorite kind of tutorials are in base80's -> blog site (
they are short (most important for me ;)), free, aimimg to the heart of the problem and pretty easy to follow.
regarding "WYDINHYDI" i am sure personal training can cover that field.

12 December 2007, 01:36 PM
What about Cinversity?

There are many tutorials about the basics and projects:

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