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11 November 2007, 12:14 AM
Hey everyone. I was working on Subsist, a source engine multiplayer mod, for awhile but it seems to have fizzled out. I'd really like to get involved on a mod team again. I'm not looking to take on large environments myself because of time and hardware limitations so I think I would be most useful as a object and/or weapons artist. I'd like to give vehicles a stab too if I can get some good concepts.

I really want to work on a mod that has some industry professionals on the team so I can get some good direction and advice. I'm not very good at drawing so I would also like to see some great concept artists on the team. At the moment I'm leaning on the realistic side over heavily stylized. I don't mind taking a test if it's a great mod.

I'm a bit down about my last mod experience. The guys I worked with were great and I have no complaints about anyone or anyone's work but I'm sure you can see how someone would feel this way after working on a mod for 2 years and never seeing it released. I'm looking to jump on board a team that has already gotten the ball rolling and possably a bit higher profile so I can have some assurance this won't happen again.

I mostly enjoy playing FPS, platformers and arcade racers. Right now I'm playing Mario Galaxies and Metroid Prime 3. I'm poor and can only afford a Wii but if I could I'd be playing Halo 3 right now.

I recently moved from Philadelphia to San Diego to take a job as a QA tester It was grueling move but I felt I was restricted being on the east coast and was necessary for my career. So I don't know a soul in this city. I'd also like to make some friends, not just contacts.

Check out my stuff and let me know if you think I might fit in.

11 November 2007, 05:15 AM
I can't promise anything but I'm currently researching what it would take to do a Code Geass mod for UT3. Doubtful it's a team you'd want to join though.

11 November 2007, 07:42 AM
Welcome to San Diego and best of luck finding a mod!

11 November 2007, 04:58 PM
You wanna join a mod go to , I cant possibly imagine a better mod community.

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11 November 2007, 06:58 PM
Hello, I'm membres of Perfect Dark Source Dev Team. It's a Total convertion for Half Life 2.
If your are interested you can contact us on our Forum.

Good Luck for your search ;)

11 November 2007, 07:09 PM
Good luck!
I've had similar experiences with mods. 2 years on a mod that was clearly going nowhere but I was too niave to know, and almost a year on a mod that could have been really cool if it had had decent leadership :P
So if you find a decent mod that needs concept artists...I'm in the market!
One thing I've noticed is that most of the Source mods have either died, released, or are close to release.
I'm hoping that the Crysis community spawns some good mods, considering their wicked editor and engine capabilities.

11 November 2007, 08:26 PM
I agree with what spex said, most of the source mods have died. I find it discouraging that the only mods that ever seems to make it to a beta release are tactical mods or WWII mods. I miss the days of science and industry and the specialists and all those wacky mods people spent so much time on. I want to remake science and industry for source sooooooo bad.

11 November 2007, 02:06 AM
Thanks for the response guys. I've been using moddb as a resource but I just wanted to post here and let everyone know I was available. Thanks for the welcome Gamedev, a few guys I work with now are from High Moon. NME-Se7eN and XoD, I'll check your stuff out when I get home. I'm away for the holiday weekend.

11 November 2007, 02:24 AM

I suggest you check our site out.
We are producing a Battlefield tournament, we are called Forgotten Honor and we make realism-based World War II mods.

We run as a sub-group to the big Forgotten Hope development team, and we have tournaments in three parts of the world; Europe, America and down in Oceania (Australia + New Zealand).

Let me tell you why you would like being a part of our team:

First of all, your work will smack in the middle of a highly active community, with lots and lots of players that both appreciate your work, use your work but also give criticism to your work. To be a part of a mod team is very similar to working at a company, we have deadlines, we have standards we need to meet up to and we also get direct feedback from the players. This is the ultimate platform to get into the industry. I can not think of any better place to learn game-design than being part of a Mod team that is running an active tournament.

We are in b-a-d need of modellers at the moment, as well as texture artists.

We just released a mod actually, check the "Forgotten Honor MOD project" link in this forum.

If you feel like helping us, you will start right away, we have some awesome projects coming up, it would be a plus if you are interested in history, specially World War II.

The way we work is like this; we produce "theatres" of WWII. For example in the past we have done russian theatre, French theatre, South-East asian theatre and now we are in the midst of creating Nordic Theatre (norway and Finland).

What we will be needing is a skilled modeller who can create and re-create models of vehicles, statics, and weapons for us to use in this theatre.
When we have finised our campaign in the tournament, we release the material publicly, so people all over the world can download and play our mods.

We are still using the Battlefield 1942 engine, it might be old, but models still need to be done, and that's never "easy". We will be switching to the BF2 engine soon as well, with the release of "Forgotten Hope2". If you join us now, and follow us also into that mod, you will have literary thousands of players enjoying your work, something you by all means can put into your portfolio or CV if you wish to work as model artist at some company.

Have a look at our site, its more or less just a forum, but if you feel like this could be something to start off with, we could set up a meeting on TeamSpeak and I introduce you to our guys.. we are quite a happy bunch, it is people from all over the world and there are a few hundred members actively keeping the community going, I can tell you straight up, we'd kill for a modeller at the moment.. we had two before, but they had to leave us, so really.. we need you!

Here is the link to the post I made about our mod:

See you around!

11 November 2007, 01:59 AM
Well, quite honestly, Hammer and the SDK for the Source engine is rather tedious to work with.

With UnrealEd, I can import, create, etc. materials, static meshes, etc. rather quickly. While I worked in Hammer for a while, I found numerous issues, not to mention the laborious way you build levels, constantly worrying about "leaks" in the map. The Source engine has been a great engine, has great potential, but actually using their SDK is not something I enjoy.

UnrealEd all the way! :D

Of course, this is just my opinion. ;)

11 November 2007, 02:59 AM
I never used Hammer or SDK, for bf1942 you use Editor42, a heightmap and texture editor which is superb. Static objects are made in max or maya, then converted to the game's format which is StandardMesh. textures are in .dds and also easy to edit, so to me you cant have a game more easy to mod than bf42, and still get amazing result with the levels.
Then again, this is a game for 64 players, kind of hard to build a 2x2km map in Hammer...

11 November 2007, 03:28 AM
Hey Ben if you're up for a Quake Wars mod, hit me up.

11 November 2007, 04:07 PM
Hi Ben, I'd be glad to count with an env artist. Fistful of Frags ( is a Source multiplayer modification set in the Old West. Besides the title, there is much more than frags :), you'll find many original gameplay elements. The title is a tribute to Sergio Leone's Dollars trilogy, I'm a big admirer of his movies.

The mod is still unreleased but it's a matter of 2 or 3 weeks before everything is ready for a first solid release. There are also many plans for the future, one of them is a moving steam train, we need some artist to take care of the steam locomotive, the other parts are completed. I think it's a nice portfolio piece and it'll shine in our game because the train itself will be a major gameplay element. I could even show you a map for that train in development, privately. Let me know if you are interested in that specific asset.

11 November 2007, 01:56 AM
Wow, looks like I got some great choices here. I was hoping to move away from the Source engine because I do agree it is not so enjoyable to work with but Fist Full of Frags does seem cool. Anyway I just wanted to let you all know I'm still away from my home base and don't really have the opportunity to follow up on these mods atm. I'm going to write you all privately by the middle of the week.

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11 November 2007, 01:56 AM
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