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11 November 2007, 02:32 PM
I want to be able to make my character somersault, and instead of moving and rotating all controls seperately i want a master control to be able to just rotate the whole body.
now i have a global control for positioning and scaling which works exactly the way i want it to, execpt obviously this doesnt follow the body,
I want my somersault after a walk of about 6 steps so by this time the global control is way behind and the pivot point well out.

I have all my control curves in a Group and have tried using this group but this doesnt follow the body either ? I cant seem to work this out. any ideas,

11 November 2007, 06:12 AM
What you could do is have a center of gravity control that controls the whole of the back ,and also rotates the back along with the arms.
If you have a chest control ,a back control and a hip control , you could create a new control called Center Of Gravity and then you can parent the back and hip controls to this Center Of Gravity and rotate it around to see how the spine bends. But dont parent the chest control to the Center Of Gravity as its always a good idea to keep it independent of all controls. You could however group the chest control to itself and then call it chest control group. And then you can parent constraint this group to the hips so as the charachter starts to take the somersault the chest followas the hips.
And then you can also create an attribute to tuurn the parent constraint on and off

11 November 2007, 11:22 AM
HI, Thanks for the reply
I tried what you said and almost got somewhere.

I created a control called center of gravity, then parent constrained my hip and back controls to it. It looked good when spinning it but the feet didnt follow, so I parent constrained the feet controls to it aswell.

my master global control stopped working obviously so i simply parent constrained the new Center of gravity to it and alll seemed good.
If i spin my new control the whole body spins as i wanted and the global positioning control still worked.

but now 2 problems
1) the new Center of Grav control doesent follow the body if i move the hips control which is like the root and i use this mainly to animate.
2) if i pose the character, then go to move the new Center of Grav control, he snaps back into a T stance ?:shrug:

Thanks again for your help, any ideas how i could fix this?

11 November 2007, 08:02 AM
i'd recommend trying some simpler rigging and animation exercizes before doing this, given the questions you are asking you are far over your head..

11 November 2007, 09:55 AM
Dont parent constraint the new Center of Gravity to the Global Control as this will

complicate matters further.

Dont even parent contraint the feet to the Center of Gravity. They need to be kept

independent and should be postioned accordingly.

According to me what you are trying to do is make just on simple control that will rotate

the Whole Charachter. Well if you want that , and if you have a global control all you hav

to do is to move the pivot of the global control to the charachter's waist and he'll rotate


But such an animation will have no sense of weight as the charachter will look as if he is

simply spinning in a gravity-less environment.

The other way to do is to create a proper bendable spine first.The spine should be able to

bend from all , that is .... not just the top and bottom controls but it should also have a

bottom -mid control and a top-mid control that allows for the rotation of the middle spine.
Try making an FK spine instead of the usual Spline IK for the spine.

You can then animate a somersault by rotating the spine and the posing the arms into a

specific position as the charachter prepares for the somersault. Then you can pose the

charachter halfway through the somersault and then you can animate the rest of the


I don't think there would be any need for the global control as it just has the job of posing

and putting the charachter anywhere. You dont even need a Center of gravity if you create

a FK Spine as your main job is to rotate the spine and pose it as the charachter


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