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Hello CG Society.

My name is Paul "Natty" Wallo. I am part of a mod & level-design community named Forgotten Honor. We are a branch to one of the world's leading Mod developers ( who is creating realism mods to the games Battlefield1942 and Battlefield 2 by Digital Illusions.

Forgotten Honor started as a gaming tournament, but grew in size and material to finally result in a full MOD for this game.

Our goal is to create fully customized historical campaigns that players can follow through given scenarios in WWII. For this we create models, levels, sounds, textures and gameplay scenarios.

Our MOD has recently been released in public and is enjoyed world-wide. I'd like to showcase some material on this site.

The game we used as base for our development is "Battlefield 1942" by Digital Illusions.
This game came in 2002 and might be regarded as somewhat dated now, but we believe we have managed to create a new and exciting environment for this game, and updated its features and overall look to be able to compete with newer games. (Even though this game lack support for example for normalmaps or dynamic light or volumetric effects.)

Here is some renders, ingame screenshots and concept art from our project.
I am not the only developer from this project, and I am here showcasing works from other members of our team, as well as work done by myself.

My personal input into this mod has been lead level-design, gamedesign, project management, environment design and sound design for the levels.

Other tasks, as coding and programming, concept art, modelling and texturing have also been done by other members from our team.

The Mod is released together with a 56 pages online .pdf manual which can be viewed here: (

Here are some thumbnail pictures of work created by us. ( ( ( ( ( (

We will soon be moving the entire production to the Battlefield2 engine. The Mod "Forgotten Hope 2" will be released in a very short time from now, and it is labled one of the most anticipated mods to any game, ever, according to world-leading MOD community

Forgotten Honor is following this progress and will be supplying tournament based campaigns also for this platform, with huge projects in sights, including new level-design, artwork, sound engineering and ofcourse a highly detailed gameplay.

Please visit our site for more information:

And please give your feedback to this post, what do you think about this project.

ForgottenHonor Mod Team.

11 November 2007, 09:21 AM
Hey man!
This mod looks really great, especially when you think about how dated that engine is now. Im impressed especially with all the detail you`ve managed to put into the environments and the design overall looks very nice!
How long have you been working on this mod & how many people are in your team? I guess working with DICE`s engine must be really nice for you, as you`re living in Sweden yourself? =)

Keep up the good work!


11 November 2007, 12:34 PM
Thanks for that :)

This mod has been under development for about 2 years.. All levels have been used in big "battles" where 64 players (32 vs 32, which is hard-coded maximum for this game) play 6-hour long matches, once a week. This has been every week for three years now, each week a new map. The mod is the 25 best maps from these three years of running the tournament. The mod itself started being made around two years ago, and has been optimized and finally released the last three months.

Yes DICE is swedish, which is nice. This game is old, that is a fact, even me have to admit that. What is beautiful with it is that it is extremely "mod-friendly" and the texturing editor I am using is one of the best, even the BF2 Editor has a hard time creating similar textures (a.k.a. "color-maps"). What is sad is that this engine only supports one detail map per level, which really feels late 90's when you think of the more advanced engines today, which supports many detail maps and the other stuff I mentioned like normalmaps etc.

But this Mod is more like a final crown to end a 5-year era of this great game. Lobo, team-leader of the Forgotten Hope2 team called it a "cherry on top", which is nice to hear.

Our team consists of a "core" of about 5 guys, but there are more than 20 guys involved in some way in this mod, some have done "miscellaneous" work like research, community work, web, art, testing, coordinating players etc, and this is just as important as creating a level or a model when it comes to making a MOD.. you must have a player-base and a platform where the mod is used, otherwise you're doing it for nothing. But the foundation of the mod development team would be 5-6 guys, putting in 30-40 hours per week for around two years to make this mod.

Have a look out for Forgotten Hope 2 when it hits release, Ive seen it myself and I can safely say it blows all other competition out of the water when it comes to taking an engine, and creating a totally new game ontop of it.

Browse through the archives at the site, and look at models, levels and other material they publicly announced


Duke of Holland
11 November 2007, 05:33 PM
Not my most constructive post, but meh :thumbsup:

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