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04 April 2003, 06:57 AM
I have a hand setup that has a lot of outputs called blendweighted5, etc etc....with dif. numbers. What are these for...or are they from? Are they safe to delete, or will I loose all my SDK's if I delete this?

04 April 2003, 04:01 PM
BlendWeighted nodes take multiple input values and based on their weight, produces an output.

Maya generates these automatically when you assign two drivers to one driven attribute using set driven keys. This is usually by accident. If you accidentally key the wrong driver and don't undo but instead just change the driver to something else and re-key it will generate two Set Driven Curve Nodes and compute them using the BlendWeighted node.

Getting rid of these is tricky and requires a decent understanding of the hyperGraph and connection editor, if your rig works fine, it's okay to leave these Blend weighted nodes in. They aren't hurting anything.

To get rid of these mistakes:
1. select each Blend Weighted node and view in/out connections in the hypergraph. You'll see two or more animCurve nodes connecting to its input.
2. open the Attribute editor for each and check to see how many keys are in the curve. Any curve with only 1 key is probably a mistake curve and can be deleted. Anything with more than 1 key is probably your intended Set Driven keys.
3. When you only have one curve left connecting to the input of the blendWeighted node, then you can just bypass the node. Connect the output of the animCurve, to the same node that the blendWeighted OUTPUTS to. On that node, connect the animCurve to the same attribute that the BlendWeighted was connected to.
4. Now you can delete the blendWeighted node.

04 April 2003, 06:35 PM
Ah I see...thanks. I was just trying to clean things up a bit. When I deleted them earlier I was loosing all my SDK stuff. So I guess I'll go back now and check out the connections like you said. Thanks for the explaination. (In a nutshell it's because it's kinda like a SDK on a SDK, possibly by accident?) Thanks again. :beer:

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