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11 November 2007, 10:47 PM
School Project

Title – Bus stop

Criterias and words from our teacher

Bus stop

The idea with this Short film is for you to have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the animation tools by animating the early morning of a bus stop. We would like you to apply any application you have used earlier during this course. Motion Capture will be introduced in the animation course and will be available for you to use in this project.

As always the project should be closely based on the reference material you’ll collect (net or library). Take notice of lighting, textures and geometry (silhouette, shape and form), but you should not directly copy a design, location or exterior from any existing reference.

This project is taking place early morning (6 o’clock-ish) anywhere in the world at a bus stop. Your task will be to animate at least one character at this bus stop. You will also animate a bus coming to the bus stop and leaving it. The music you must use you can find on the FTP. It will be any classical music from the files in FTP-folder "/resources/RoyaltyFreeClassicalMusic/". By this choice of music, you have to choose a mood you will have for your animation.

So what we want in this first stage is a short synopsis. Highlighting how you will show the bus stop, the characters and what will take place (weather, main story, etc). And as a second step a storyboard. In the storyboard you have to show how you will tell your story with camera movement, angles and editing. I would suggest doing lots of quick thumbnails to test different ideas before settling on your final solution.

You must provide your own sketches showing the scene and major elements in it, the design of the bus stop and any other relevant objects and characters. The sketches do not need to be brilliant work of art; they are working drawings to aid you in your construction and to show us what you intend.

1st step (synopsis) must be on gsCEPT forum by the Nov 13th at the latest for approval!

2nd step (storyboard, sketches) must be on gsCEPT forum by the Nov 16th at the latest for approval!

Once approved, this will be followed by a dummy run, previz (3rd step), using primitives to check the narrative pace of the film, so keep this in mind during the initial stage. Delivery on gsCEPT forum two days after approval.

4th step will be the presentation of the Short film in a professional way. 16th of January 2008. Time and place will be scheduled later.


Bus stop

Moral: Listen to your kids, sometimes

Tchaikovsky – Nutcracker sugar plum fairy

A mother (or a granny) and her 7 year old son(grandson) are waiting at dark bus stop in a dark forest. All you can see in the background are thick trees and such vegetation. Suddenly out of nowhere a dark mysterious fog or shadow starts appearing at the corner of the busstop. The child notices nothing at first as does the mother. As the fog starts to gain in size so does the awareness of the child and he becomes more and more anxious of the figure. He starts to twitch and pull his mothers arm, she does nothing and shh(es) him. The figure gets bigger and bigger and starting to gain form and shape, arms and something that reminds of a face appears. The shadow reaches for the child almost swallowing him. The child, scared to death, twitches, shakes and endlessly pulling his mothers arm who seems yet unaware of the figure. At the same time as the bus arrives blocking our view she stretches her arm out grabbing the figure and the bus is fully blocking our view.

As the bus leaves, revealing the bus stop once more, all that is left is the figure almost cut in half due to her enormous grabbing power and a big squeeze mark is left on the figure., and he leaves the area slowly or wobbling his big new head away.

Im not quite sure about the ending it might be changed during the process. I would like to come up with a more dramatic ending, a more twist to it so we´ll see what happens. He might be hanging from a bag instead

ok, so here is the storyboard and a quick setup with music so I can preview my timings with the music since this short movie will be intierly based on music timing.
So the enviorment setting will be dark kinda something like this, I will probably use this as my light reference but with less light coming from the side panel

Storyboard: Dark outside, sun hasnt set yet

When the music ends, there should be bus sounds and sound FX instead (

The shadow character has no apperant shape he just comes and goes.

Production plan

Nov: Modeling, texturing and lightning

Dec: Rigging, skinning and animation

Jan: Tweaking, rendering and music composition ( FX )

Modeling will begin on monday for me!

Progress will be updated every Friday or during the weekends, I would very much like comments and critique. I would very much like your help on certain thins that Im not so sure about, like creating and controlling the shadow character, I could just do a blob and animate that one but I was thinking more of a smoke like effect, or what would you recommend me doing in order to get it to look like a shadow from those angles, since I have limited time.

And here is the last project which was more about learning the program and everything so its not that good and I wish I would have more time with it to fix all the lacking things but hope you enjoy anyways. Take care : ) ( (105 mb)

11 November 2007, 09:20 PM
your production schedule is a little backwards, lighting should happen after animation not before.

11 November 2007, 10:03 PM
That you are right about, I will change that, thanks : )

11 November 2007, 03:36 PM
Havent been doing so much on the project, we have a lot of other smaller exercises that we have to complete in order to pass the course, but here some scenery

12 December 2007, 09:16 PM
this weeks progress, my production plan has gone down the drain, which is quite bad, Ill try to cope with it as much as I can C&C always welcome

12 December 2007, 01:17 PM
this weeks update, did havent one last week since I dont like to update a bunch of half-finished stuff, didnt look sorted at all so here we go. ive noticed that the contrast varies a lot from screen to screen and obviously the ones we have at schoool arent that good so I will have to make 2 versions , one a bit lighter. I will also render out everything in layers to get more control and then import it into afteraffects. The background will be blurred aswell as the plants to ge more focus on the characters. I know you usually make the light setup after the animation is done but I figured that since I will only have the same view most of the time it would be nice to get that done.

Rip it apart please. If there are to be any changes made they are to be made now. One thing I dont like is that the charaters dont really have the same style as the enviorment, might be because I did the character first and Andy is taken from highend3D and been give another skin and someclothes using wrap deformers to make him look less gay. apart from that rip it apart.

And I noticed that the timeschedules take quite a bit of attention, this has been taken care of by bringing down the saturation significantly.

01 January 2008, 05:35 PM
Alright guys, 16th of jan was the date so I finished it on the minute actually since we were going to watch it 13:00 and I just slapped on the music and exported it, lost a few frames during the night when rendering but I hope you have indulgence with that, I only had a few day of animating and it really sucks, hope you get a good laugh out it, hah I know I had, it´s terrible but enjoy. thanks :D (
(104 mb )

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