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11-14-2007, 08:32 AM (

Title: Tons o Fun
Name: Jay Chand
Country: USA
Software: Digital Fusion, Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

This is another creature I created in my Creature Development class that is taught by Alex Alvarez. It is actually the first creature I did for the class, and is based on a concept by Jeff Hoffman.

I modeled the base mesh in Maya, sculpted in Zbrush, and then rendered in Maya with Mental Ray and split the image into 9 passes or so to comp in Fusion.

Click Here for the High Res (

11-14-2007, 12:21 PM
Wow!, excellent looking monster. Great modeling and texturing. It's funny how the arms and connect back to the body at the pelvic region ;) and you seem to have an obsession with nipples!

Only crit i have is the weird fin like protrusions on the back which i don't understand what they're meant to be.

11-14-2007, 12:36 PM
very good monster...

11-14-2007, 03:57 PM
This is an awesome monster!

Only a minor note, i might try to blend the little bits coming from his spine a bit more into the skin, to make it look more part of the whole.

Very minor though, he looks awesome!

11-14-2007, 04:18 PM
WOW! you are a genius! This piece is beautiful!texturing as well!

11-14-2007, 05:40 PM
i love it! good work:)

11-14-2007, 08:55 PM
thanks guys!

11-14-2007, 11:30 PM
WOW, great great great work dudE! i love the sec rendering :) 5*

11-15-2007, 05:10 AM
great rendering!
cool work

11-15-2007, 05:21 AM
looks absolutely fantastic, does it have a lower half?

11-15-2007, 07:09 AM
Thanks Klicek and Drummer.


There is no lower half.


11-15-2007, 07:24 AM
Looks brilliant! Fantastic work!

11-15-2007, 08:43 AM
Cool! very nice job with textures.

Keep on working hard!


11-15-2007, 08:59 AM
great work,

i would love to see some different renders and views but i am loving this !


11-15-2007, 09:36 AM
thanks guys!

11-15-2007, 09:41 AM
I love your shaders man!
They apparently tought you something at gnomon ;)

11-15-2007, 09:44 AM
simply excellent! I love the textures and the light.

I wish I could afford the Gnomon school, too. At the moment Iīm learning a lot by Alex Alvarezīs "making of" video tutorials at Must be phantastic to be in one of his classes personally. The videos are excellent already.


11-15-2007, 10:23 AM
great work, nice colors, 5*

11-15-2007, 08:11 PM
Jay wow man another great image. 2nd and 3rd images i like a bit more over the rest but still a great image, always impressed with your work.
Could i ask you how you do your background images for your work because im kind of stuck with my guy on how to make the background. I want something simple like your images but i have no idea how you bring them to such a great quailty, Please share if you dont mind id love to see how you create those backdrops.
5 from me, great job.

11-15-2007, 08:16 PM
Hi Skooter!

Just stick a poly plane behind the character and then place a point light inbetween the character and the wall, and change the decay rate to quadratic and increase the intensity to achieve the desired effect (dont turn shadows on).

I then added some noise in Fusion that was masked out my a matte I created.

hope that helped!


11-15-2007, 08:19 PM
Awesome man, many thanks i'll let you know how that turns out.
Again great image were bound to see one of your images on the front page sooner or later, just keep doing what your doing and it will happen.

11-18-2007, 04:48 AM
good job, he looks very interesting, and ofcourse great texture/lighting.

11-20-2007, 06:12 PM
Very nice model and materials. Excellent work.

- Neil

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