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11 November 2007, 12:31 AM
Dear Friends,

I have just created the Character Lifting the Heavy Stone & putting it on the shelf poses only. Please give your critique on my poses. Such as does the pose have weight, balance and clear silhouette? What about the Line of Action?

Here is the link for rar file for poses. (

You can download this file. The File size is very small. 300 kb. One thing I would ask my friends that if you have a suggestion for this poses, you can draw your recommended poses in windows paint or Photoshop, flipbook or whatever program you have, that can draw on jpegs and Save it as Jpegs and if you can upload it on ( and post it here it will be a great help for me and for newbie on poses.

You can also draw a pose, that you think that it will be suited best with your imagination or experience in windows paint just stick figure and I will get the rough idea about what poses that needs to be changed or removed and what poses needs to be added.

Please give your critique because I learn animation all by myself and your critique is very important to me.It will also help me how other people imagine on poses for this type of animation.

You can also see the playblast for poses only. There is no timing set at this moment. The poses are like frame 1 = pose 1. If you play it, it will be too fast. The playblast is in .mov format so you can download it and watch it frame by frame.

Here is the link for playblast for poses only.

Please keep on checking this thread and I will keep on posting my work on this thread write from poses to final work.

Thank you

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11 November 2007, 12:31 AM
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