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04 April 2003, 04:26 AM
Hi All,

I wanted to make some custom poly shaders by using normals. similar to Olivier Renouard but for different usage.

what do i have to study to do this??

too broad of a question? how about this then...

to make some more use of the normals i have to create some extra functionality that isnt yet in the hypershade. (i think) but even if it is
it gets confusing when working with nodes like the closestPointOnSurface and vectors etc when i dont know what is going on behind the scenes.

so i suppose what i wanted was any tutes or help or web sites/ books etc on the inner workings on per normal or per vertex parsing to the
render engine.

one example is.. how does the render engine know which uv or vertex to render next? and is this important? if i could find this out via a class or plug-in etc then
it would be possible to render objects based on the average direction of the normals. (ie just like using curvature for nurbs) within a given range. say you select a bunch of normals at a time in the script.
then based on the difference of the selected normals magnitude or whatever (maybe using a range fall off) then apply of 3dimensional ramp
or make something similar to a facing ratio ie: within a normalised ranges to map
the colour. so if the normals are heaps far apart... say in the angle between them then use the top part of the ramp and if they are close together then
use the bottom part of the ramp. this would ofcourse be dependant on the sample range. say 50 faces at a time right up to 5000 at a time.

i hope u understand the question. i guess the main goal is that i can wrap my head around the internal workings then i could solve these problems

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