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11 November 2007, 12:43 AM

As part of our third term "production-readiness" training, I decided we would work an all-nighter, as can happen in real-life production on a tight deadline. Instead of just working on our personal projects, we thought it would be more stimulating to create a short film in just 24 hours. Thinking of the assets we already had, including models of insects, spoons and flying saucers, we came up with the idea to shoot after hours at a local Tim Hortons, where two of the students worked part-time.

Somebody suggested a trippy, late-night, going out for coffee "experience", and considering our assets, it seemed to fit.

After prepping the studio with snacks and the ingredients for a pancake breakfast, we got right to work - actually, we barbecued some burgers and went out to see Transformers, THEN we got right to work!

We shot our plates at the Tim Hortons, then went back to the studio around midnight to start the visual effects. We tracked giant insect heads onto a Tim Hortons employee, we threw a handful of "change" in the shape of tiny flying saucers on the counter, and the spoons at the coffee station we undulating and crawling around. Oh, and the rest of the late-night patrons in the restaurant turned out to be giant insects.

I think we did a great job and although there were some very long blinks, naps on the studio floor and a couple mystery vomits (Stress or the Burgers? I'll leave the photos for another time.) but most of us made it through reasonably unscarred.

As with any VFX endeavor we had some technical difficulties/gremlins to fight with. Some ideas worked better than others... In fact the entire last half of the project had to be re-shot in our studio in order to deal side step a scene that Boujou refused to track. We didn't let that stop us, our deadline would be met!

We laughed, we cried, we didn't kill each other.

I present "nocturnal emission" from the class of 2007 at Lost Boys Learning.
40 MB Quicktime - RIGHT CLICK to SAVE AS. (


Credit to: Poshin Wang, Alex Lama, Chris Bennett, Dalen Martin, TJ Fraser and their beloved Mentor mbenard.

Fresh ideas are already brewing for next years project. I'm looking forward to raising the bar yet again.

Beware LBL-003!



11 November 2007, 01:20 PM
Not bad for a nights work!

Awesome job guys. I especially liked the Mantis head.

Keep it up,


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11 November 2007, 01:20 PM
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