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04 April 2002, 10:54 PM
Need help on a speed issue. I'm running XP Pro on an Athlon 1200, 512 DDRAM, ASUS A7V133 MB, and a GeForce2MMX-400, and it runs pretty sweet i think, but sometimes when I'm working on a big file (+200Mb) in PS or Painter I need some extra juice. So I quit the explorer and just leave the app running, and WHAM! i get like a 20-30% speed boost. Just want to know if this is actully a bad thing to do? doesn't seem to have cause any probs so far.????

04 April 2002, 02:23 AM
Just a coupla questions. How are you 'closing' Explorer? Why isn't it restarting itself immediately? Does any virus protection software you have depend on the taskbar?

ISTR there being an option in older versions of Windows to go back to ye olde Program Manager by setting the shell= in win.ini/system.ini (I forget which) to progman.exe... an exe that seems sadly lacking from Win2K. In all cases a performance boost was reported even though the interface was ugly as sin.

If you want an alternative (and possibly lighter, though I can't vouch for this) shell look at Litestep ( and Winstep (

regards, Paul

04 April 2002, 02:56 AM
I use the task manager to quit the explorer. Cant say why it doesnt just load back up again, maybe beacause i told it to quit? I dont have any viruses, and XP does the same thing even when freshly installed. Cheers for the advice on Litestep, i'm looking into it, dont know if its a viable option though.

04 April 2002, 04:21 AM
Task manager's kindof a messy way to 'quit' anything. It essentially kills the process without any of the cleanup/removal of allocated memory/saving of settings that comes with a clean application closure. This is, of course, unless you're using a button other than 'end task' that I'm just not aware of (I'm only on Win2K).

The reason I ask if it comes back up is because, unless something is different in XP, it should do. Last time I checked any time the shell was killed Windows would automagically restart it as most users are a bit stuffed if it dies (especially in Win9x where you can't even shutdown/restart without it).

As for viruses, even if you don't think you have them, it's best to be ever vigilant as they can be new and/or time delayed and even if your virus software only detects the activity without identifying the problem then that's always something.

Something I noticed on the litestep site (well, it's just a documentation site but a helluva lot more readable than the litestep site itself :D) is that the text down the side doesn't actually link to anything but the arrows by the text do.

regards, Paul

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