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11 November 2007, 12:44 PM
Hi guys,

iv been using the set topological axis tool in mudbox for a model that iv made. Its a human form/zombie model.

The first annoying this, is that i cant select quads. Its only selects tris. Even though my model is nothing but quads, and i exported an OBJ and changed the settings to export as quads. (using max 9)

When i select my 2 middle tris, which are perfectly mirrored, and set the axis, i dont get the desired effect. It has set a mirror point, but it is very jumpy and not accurate. It moves all over the place n the mirrored side. If i subdivide, it gets even worse. And the mirrored point gets even more jumpy and does not relate to where im aiming at on the other side.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Can anyone help?

I do set the mirroring to tangent. Im sure im doing everything right, iv checked all the tuts. My model has the same polies on either side but have been distorted. So even though topology is perfect mirror, the shape isnt.

I wonder if is to do with the mouth area has hole in it and is not a closed mesh. Also feet, are a seperate element, and not joined to the mesh.

Thank you very much.

11 November 2007, 04:16 PM
Ok heres a question that might help. does anyone know, if when i click one of the centre lines and click loop wether it should loop all the way around my object? (in max)

at the moment it does not because there are certain points in my mesh where 6 polies meet, at one vertex...

11 November 2007, 04:25 PM
this tool just doesnt seem to work at all.

i made a primitive pyramid in max, split into into 6 sides on each axis. deleted half the mesh. mirrored it using symmetry, and collapsed all to an editable poly.

exported as an obj,

imported into mudbox. selected two tris wich were touching along the seam. it confirmed the new centre.

when i moves over the mesh, the mirrored mouse pointer goes all over the place. this continues to get worse when i subdivide to more levels.

please can someone help.

i am using mudbox version 1 rev.1568.

if someone could also tell me how i can select quads and not tris that would also be great.


11 November 2007, 05:42 PM
are you using tangent symmetry in your brush tool?
and get the new version 1.07 rev 2629...

11 November 2007, 07:08 PM
yea i was using tangent mirror.

im upgrading to new version now and ill try that.

i made a cube, cut it up into 4x4s, vut it in half, added symmetry and collapsed stack.

when i imported this mesh in, i could only select quads. i used my zombie model and exported it in using the same obj settings, and it would only select tris!!!

why is this :( its so frustrating.

and btw with the cube and the quads setting, mirroring worked perfectly. as i assume it would being such a simple object....

thanks for your reply...

11 November 2007, 08:08 PM
mudbox works best with quadonly meshes... ;)

11 November 2007, 08:32 PM
well id like to say thanks. pointing out the new update has fixed my problem. looks just like buggy software. new version works fine with my same old export files.

only thing is seems like u didnt reeeally read my posts! i said in my 1st post that i was using tangent mirror, and that my mesh was nothing but quads! it was just selecting my triangle polies IN the quads !!!

:) but as i say, thanks. my prob is fixed now.

kick ass avatar btw. looks like u really know your sculpting. :)

11 November 2007, 10:01 PM
hey I have the exact same problem. I exported my mesh as a .obj. It's ALL quads, and yet when I select faces it's selecting the tris within the quads. I can't get that "set topological axis" thing to happen at all, which is starting to piss me off.

Why does that even have to be a procedure? In silo, you just turn symmetry on, and it works.

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11 November 2007, 10:01 PM
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