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11 November 2007, 05:04 AM
Required : a Folley Sound Effects & a Music Composer

We are a group of students creating an animated short for our final project in University. The short will be a dark take on the children's story "Little Red Riding Hood". Bascally, it will be an attractive female lead who is going to a house in the woods, where she is then attacked by a wolf beast. I can't give too much more detail at this point, as we are still in the concept creation process.

We plan on producing a high-quality (HD 1080p) animation, with a unique style that blends realistic texturing with some toon-shaded qualities. A myriad of other visual tricks are planned on being implemented to give the film a unique feel. We are hoping to submit this animation to various festivals in order to get our names out there (and possibly yours as well).

What we will be looking for are a lot of fighting sounds, steel scraping, wood tumbling/breaking, footstepts, thuds, heavy female breathing, beasts roaring, etc...

As well, some great ciematic music to go with the animation would be great. (We would send you a storyboard or playblast for you to work from).

Please Note : This will be only a volunteer position. We are only looking for someone serious and who either has experience or is currently enrolled in a sound production course of some sort.

Our current production schedule would require that the sound effects and music be completed around January 2009. (Again, I will give more details when I can)

If anyone is interested at all, please reply to the thread, or give me an email. I will defenitely post more information once it becomes available. (


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11 November 2007, 05:04 AM
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