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11 November 2007, 10:03 AM
Hi there creative master minds!

At the beginning of this year (2007 that is) i've made me my first showreel. Because of a upcomming selection program for a school I would really like to get accepted at, it is time for me to make a new, updated and better showreel.

My current reel is downloadable and viewable in three different ways. I hope that you guys could give me some tips and critics on the one I have now. This way, ofcourse, I can refine my upcomming reel.
Before you start watching; this was my first reel i've ever made, in just over 5 hours (this is no excuse for anything, just a sidenote ;) ). I've mixed the video on the audio because I got critized by the same school last year when this was not the case in the semi-reel I did then. It got non-finished work in it, because that way they see more of me, and might see more potential.

Small flash version (5mb): (
Medium You-Tube version:
Large 1024x567 WMV version (65mb):

ps: and the text in the beginning (not the 'showreel' and 'rick vd schootbrugge' part, the one after that) was a big mistake, it goes way to fast. It should have been better to have left it out.

11 November 2007, 12:44 PM
Nobody? Anybody?

There has to be someone who can give me some 'you might consider doing it that way...', 'get rid of the...', ect?

This is a pretty non-specified reel, and so is my next one. I'm a bit lost on how to present my DTP and Photography work. They are pretty motionless by standard (no shit!) and I would like to make ik more moving so it blends in a lot better into the whole reel... The reason why I want to add photography and DTP work into my reel is because i've got comments about the 'design' part... and also I hope by showing my photographs that they see that I have some minor Director of Photography skill. I like to believe I have some skill.

11 November 2007, 05:56 PM
Shameless kick...

Is it hard to give advices on a showreel perhaps?

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11 November 2007, 05:56 PM
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