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10 October 2007, 07:31 PM
Animations (Please read how many times to vote for Audio and Non-Audio)

Audio (Vote for 2):
SpiritPeddler (LINK (
seminalsoul (LINK (
McSmiffy (LINK (
joejr (LINK (
manx (LINK (

Non-Audio (Vote for 1):
ilaria (LINK (
drewfarr (LINK (

Finished Animation Thread ( <--- click here to see the full list of animations.

Topic Voting (Only ONE for each category):
1. Video game death animation
2. Waiter serving food. (Make it interesting! Waiter drops dishes? Serves wrong order? Receives a BIG tip and has a strong reaction?)
3. Going crazy. (Acts normal at first but something happens and they go insane.)

1. Nacho Libre (
2. Road Trip (
3. Click (

VOTING IS OPEN FOR THREE DAYS. October 29th - November 1st

Voting Rules:
-If you're one of the animators, don't vote for yourself :)
-Sorry, no prizes.
-If there is a tie then we have more than one person to congratulate.
-Voting will end on November 1st and I'll announce the winner on the November 2nd along with new challenge.
-Vote for 2 animations in the Audio Clip and 1 animation for the non-Audio animation.
-Everyone can vote!

How do you like it so far? Are there any changes you'd like to see in the challenge? Is the time too long or short? We'd like to hear of any thoughts on how we can improve the format.
-Everyone can give feedback and other topic suggestions.

Thank you everyone who contributed by turning in an animation or giving the animators critiques and encouraging comments. Looking forward to starting the next challenge :)

10 October 2007, 09:11 PM
Audio Entry i vote for JoeJr and seminalsoul

Non Audio Entry i vote for

and for the next Non Audio Entry i vote for

2. Waiter serving food. (Make it interesting! Waiter drops dishes? Serves wrong order? Receives a BIG tip and has a strong reaction?)

as for the Audio entry...something from lost? Or One Flys over the Cuckoos nest? i dont really mind To be honest. :) i just enjoy the fun of it.


10 October 2007, 10:44 PM
Audio entry I vote for manx and seminalsoul

Non-Audio I vote for ilaria

Next topic Non-Audio... 2.Waiter serving food

10 October 2007, 05:13 PM
Cool animations everybody!

Audio: McSmiffy, joejr
Non audio: Ilaria

For the next month: The waiter serving food.

11 November 2007, 12:24 AM
Audio clips up. Didn't get one from Lost, I didn't see it in but I'll keep an eye out for it next time.

11 November 2007, 03:19 AM
hehe theres a site my friend told me about called the it has clips from pretty much every episode hope that helps lord ron :]

11 November 2007, 08:22 AM
Congrats to all!

Audio Entry I vote for SpiritPeddler and McSmiffy

and in Non Audio Entry i vote for drewfarr :)

I would say only one thought, I think should be nice to have more feedback during the animation WIP process, like critics and comments,in my opinion also one suggestion will drive us to do better:)

For the next Non Audio Entry I like the Waiter serving food contest and for Audio contest Nacho Libre.


11 November 2007, 04:38 PM
Audio: SpiritPeddler

Non-Audio: Ilaria, really nice, I loved the shaking lamp at the end!

I like the waiter idea for non-audio, and nacho libre would be hilarious for the audio category.

11 November 2007, 06:59 PM
Spirit Peddler


Next Challenge-
Audio: Road Trip (Very excited!)
Non-Audio: Waiter Serving Food

Nice job everyone! Qual-i-ty! Also, for future challenges, the (American) TV show "The Office" has some gems for sound clips. Lost and the Office would both be spectacular.

11 November 2007, 09:33 AM
Awesome work everyone!

Audio: Manx & JoeJr
Non-Audio: drewfarr

11 November 2007, 02:28 PM
sorry, can't vote in time!! my internet connection was dead! :[

but, i really congrats all of you and to me was very difficult to choose animations.

Audio: McSmiffy and Manx
Non-Audio: Ilaria

For the next month:

Non-Audio: 2. The waiter serving food.
Audio:3. Click

11 November 2007, 12:08 AM
Keep voting, I'm still at work so when I get home tonight I'll set up the new challenge. Thanks for your patience :)

11 November 2007, 03:31 AM
Cool animations everybody

vote for- manx..nice work manx

12 December 2007, 08:59 PM
audio: mcsmiffy and Manx

non-audio: ilaria

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