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10 October 2007, 12:32 AM
Hey guys

I tought I'll do a WIP thread about this one, so I am more motivated to work on my personal project. I started it more than a year ago, but for some reason(lazyness i think ;)) I stopped to work on it.
now I watched it again, and had so much ideas how to continue. but before i continue, I'd like to improve the first shots as they need to be improved!! f.e. the planets explosion. i could add so much to it to make it more real and more thrilling. also the whole process after happens so slow and boring.

So I started the collision part from scratch again. The camera moves now out from black, arround the blue planet. then some text will be added, and then the red planet will appear behind the blue one, and they will collide close to the camera. so there needs to be a lot more dtail in the whole shot. more particles, a faster shockwave. I have in mind to crack the shell of the planets with the firewave going over them. then light emitting out of them, and then add a big blast to the end with a lot more particles and also some volumetrics. the screen should really get covered with chuncks and dirt and all that stuff :D

I hope you guys can give me some suggestions what could make the shot more believable.

here some stills of the new planets:

the red planet need still a lot of work :p
I also have to note that this are pure renders. no post work added till now.

you can watch the part i have allready done once on this link: ( (shrink your internet browser, or you'll only see colored squares ;) )

the continuing scene would be this one: (

but this will come later.

If you're interested what this little movie has to do with global warming, post a question :D
I can be sooo lazy :p

10 October 2007, 09:12 PM
I got some free time to get back to this palnets. I redid the whole red planet. all textures. And I like it a lot more like this.
I also changed some settings in the atmosperes. they are not burning anymore and they glow little bit different :).
the shockwaves are also animated now. I think I'll get way more effect on them by adding glows and blurs in post.

I'll change the lava on the blueplanet to make it look more realistic. now it is a simple noise.
then I have to animate the map on the red planet. here you see it's normal stage. but when it collides, it will get alot more lava :D

And when I have done this, i can finally go over to the particles :D

10 October 2007, 09:25 AM
a short animation timing test:

-the blue planet has now a painted lavatexture(before, it was a noise) which i like much more than the one that is on the red planet. i think i'll work again on the red one :p
-there is a wave now on each planet going from the collision point to the other side of the planet. it is hard to see now. i coudn't make it higher because it woud interpolate with the atmospheres. but when i'll render the final shot, i'll do render all the elements separtely. then i'll may push the wave higher.
this wave will split then some parts of the planets crust which will float off :D
-the shockwaves have now a biger radius.

-the CC is simply desaturating little bit, adding a little bit of contrast and gamma.

I think the whole animation is going to fast. but as the moving objects and maps are matching well, i won't change them all again. instead, i'll add a video post camera and render at halfspeed. this way i'll get twice the framecount and i'll be able to adjust the speed in post.

10 October 2007, 10:36 AM
Nice fella!!

I'd like to see more! Especially a new render of the nuclear reactor going down!!! If you want to make it really "special-FX"-style, add an explsion to the cooling tower. I know, not quite realistic, but in Movies they add explasions overall, even completely unrealistic :)

About the planet: for more glare, maybe try to add this kind of rays coming out of the planet: (found here (

I hope seeing soon some new stuff from Mr.Red ;)


11 November 2007, 12:25 PM
hey chraebs, tnx for your suggestions.

the nuclear reactor part is far away now. but when i'll come to that part, i'll add some huuuge explosions :D
this is only the first chunck coming from the sky. there will be a lot more. and one will hit the reactor causing a nuclear explosion for the grande finale :p

the planet looks cool, but it's a photoshopped effect. I'll see if i can do that with volume lights, or maybe i'll do it in post in a simmilar way.
in the video i posted in the first post it is done with volume lights. but the effect isn't looking that cool in my opinion.

here again an update:

I added:
- a fadeout to the shockwaves
-this yellowish burning on the planets. Now it looks little cartoonish, but it is rendered in one pass, so i can't affect it alot. but later in post, i'll definitely adjust the colors and appearence of it.
-changed the redplanets lavatexture

I think I'm done now with the maps and can start with some particles effects.

the first step will be the crust which get's cracked, and parts of it get pushed off the planet.

01 January 2008, 08:22 AM
finally, i found some time after a long break.

i did some particle stuff on the left planet. it is still not satisfying me, but it is a start ;)

watch preview (

I think, the cruschucks shoul come out more with the sparks, and below the glowing planet should be visible.also the sparks should fly out faster and stop quicker.
well, that's what i'll do next :)

01 January 2008, 07:47 PM
this is way more what i was looking for :D

watch preview2 (

my next goal is to get the fragments to have more random shapes, and more sparks.
i think this is just some clicks away ;)

01 January 2008, 08:46 PM
and again a little update

watch preview4 (
the shapes are less repetitive, but thei're still little bit in the middle part.
I like the sparks how they are now.

I'll transfer the system now to the other planet, and go ahead then with the big explosion, which will break the chucks in more chuncks...and everything flyes around the cam :D
I hope my machine will manage this.

did i mention that c&c are welcome?? :)
please, feel free to share your opinions


01 January 2008, 10:39 AM
I just could'nt resist to improve it a little bit mre, before going on.

watch preview5 (

I added some fragging of the chucks. there is a random size condition, which frags the big chucks in different little chucks with different shapes :D
yes, the fragment node of thinkig particles does its job very well :)

I just hope that TP3 will come out soon, or I won't be able to reder this:rolleyes: i'll go over to the next step...

07 July 2008, 09:25 AM
Hey dude, great project, I hope you stick to it! What I need to comment is your timings - that's waaaay too fast! Huge bodies like planets have lots of inertia and they won't change state in a flick like that. The red planet should continue inward in the blue one,displacing it and throwing debris and dust/smoke to the sides. Also, the shockwaves can't move that fast, and they need some texture/complexity. I love the idea about the powerplant shot - but it's too fast also. You'll need some fancy editing too, so you should plan this up.


07 July 2008, 10:32 AM
hey man, tnx for these great suggestions! I think slowing it down could give it the feeling that it is really a big collision. Never tought about it before.
When I look at it, I'm still not happy with the look of the fragments. But prebreaking the whole thing is a pain :shrug:

I hope I'll find some time to get back to it. Nearly forgot about it :blush:

07 July 2008, 10:35 AM
On the fragmenting - it shouldn't be uniform. Imagine the Earth suffering like this - cthe crust will break on the fault lines between the tectonic plates, and then into smaller pieces. So i think you should paint some large breaks (I think you can do it in TP, I am certain you can do it in Rayfire, or manually :D ) and then fragment the resulting big chunks. Also, the frags shouldn't move outwards - they should move in the direction of the force applied from the red planet, with variation of course ;)

07 July 2008, 10:52 AM
hmm...I think if they move in the red planets direction, then they will interpolate with the planet itself, and then a collision would be required.with so many particles...phu! hard one ;)

the fragmenting with rayfire is definitely a way to go. I just have to motivate myself to do it. I'm very lazy :D
the fragmenting till now was TP only and all procedural. No handmade cuts. just a dense geosphere with a gradientramp to mask the fragmenting.

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